Nature’s Healing Home, La Union

2018-12-02 07.14.14 1

Closed November and welcomed December in one of our favorite towns – La Union, the North’s surfing capital. But boards and waves weren’t on our agenda on this trip – instead, we enjoyed a little respite and learned some new things at Nature’s Healing Home, a meditation, yoga, and healing center found in a sprawling mountainside property in Bacsil. Continue reading “Nature’s Healing Home, La Union”




I did an hour and half of “Gentle Stress Free Flow” yoga at Urban Ashram today because our membership card is expiring by December.

Granted I have always struggled with yoga (all the twisty poses that you have to hold on to for several breaths!!!) But this one was… well, gentle and stress free. Didn’t even sweat haha.   Note to self: the harder it is the better the feel. Totally no pun intended on that one.