Me, 2018

Today, in the hill behind Ranie’s childhood home

28 December

I usually write my yearenders in my bedroom, the morning after I send the last of my work-related deliverables, and all that’s left for me for the remaining days of the current year is to sit back, eat all the food my stomach can possibly hold, and spend some time by myself reflecting on the past 12 months. Continue reading “Me, 2018”


Me, 2016


In lieu of a long text post of a photo re-compilation (as I’ve previously done), I thought I’d try my hand at making a simple infographic of the stats and things that made up my year. It was pretty easy to do this in on (You’d think that being in content marketing, I’d know that infographics are sooo 2014 and I should be doing social videos instead! We’ll get to that, we will). Continue reading “Me, 2016”

Me, 2015


I don’t distinctly remember my outlook at the start of 2015. I think I did not have an outlook at all. Or if I had one, it wasn’t very excited, hopeful, or optimistic frankly.

The year before – 2014 – was simply very steady. I entered my 2nd year in Rappler. I finished my grad school units. I reached the 6th-year mark with Ranie. Everything was fine.

So my prognosis for 2015? I supposed everything was gonna continue being fine. And if things looked up, I thought, maybe I could get a ticket to somewhere out of the country.


Looking back, now, as is requisite over the Holiday break, ‘fine’ seems to be a major understatement.  Continue reading “Me, 2015”