Lose it, all, right away

One of the few things I know about writing is this: spend it all, shoot it, play it, lose it, all, right away, every time. Do not hoard what seems good for a later place in the book, or for another book; give it, give it all, give it now. . .  Something more will [...]


 All the love in the world, if merely coming from one, loyal, sweet well, will not be enough for you. You need infinite oceans. You need flowing rivers. You need rushing, deafening falls. You need torrents of rain. You need the universe, or what you worship as your universe (this superficial world of celebrity!) to [...]

It Doesn’t Take A Genius

INT. LIVING ROOM - NIGHT A lively party is taking place. In the middle of the room, a random PAIR are wrapping up a round of Pinoy Henyo. In the background, we see a BOY and GIRL fighting, inaudbily. The pair gets the word right before the timer rings. Everyone CHEERS. HOST (Loudly) Congratulations! O [...]

On Lipstick

A girl’s happiness can be dependent on the most elusive things like physical or spiritual satisfaction. But it can also be immensely found on simple things like getting a lip color that she really, really, really loved, lost, and somehow got back again. What would propel a girl with a dangerous salary state to spend [...]

The Suit

Revisiting an old story I first wrote at 17. Rewrote the flow but otherwise untouched, looking forward to polishing it more later on. When Roldan died in his sleep that morning, there had been such a violent, gusty wind just like the one blowing down their street right now. According to the weather report there [...]


Describing a sculpture I imagined in my head, via a drawing. I entered the last room. Here, there was only one sculpture. At the center of the space was a towering glass piece, almost touching the ceiling, perched on a wooden pedestal. From the doorway, it seemed like a liquid blob of distinct shapes. By [...]

More of my attempts to digitize

Choosing which handwritten notes to type out is like looking for gold in some sand 07 September The Masquerade ParadoxWomen act super feminine after doing a “lethal” man-eating coupWomen like master tamers, men like lions who retreat to cages — In The MorningLove is silent, love is rebirth.the cold translucent light is a warm bathon [...]

Lost Notes

Little notes on my blackberry 1. even now, i still feel a little happy something when a stranger passes by bearing a whiff of the cheap perfume you would spray on when we were in college. those were great times and you were so cute. it reminds me of first love and how you and [...]