The in-betweens. Baguio, September 7-8.

Taal Crater Lake, June 2016

A 45-minute hike that yielded a serene, almost holy view.

UPDATE: Read the article on RAPPLER Today we did an interview and shoot entirely on the bus. Caloocan to Olongapo and vice versa, with only a restroom break and a 15-minute stopover in between. A story told while on the move.

Blogged: Project Runway Philippines BTS

Blogged: Project Runway Philippines BTS

ETC - that hip, colorful, fierce channel! -  is looking for new young people who can write and conceptualize promos and segments for its on-air executions! Looking for someone with an eye for style, a flair for witty writing, and a positive attitude about work. Fire away those resumes because this is good on-the-ground training [...]