La Vie En Rose – Ukulele Cover

La Vie En Rose – Ukulele Cover

Life update, as per regular.


September 2018

Highlights, ramblings, what have you. Here goes! Gained a few more pounds because of serious PMS episodes + eating my feelings away to make up for all the anxiety, missing Ranie, and general "I need a win" moments. Must exercise, but ironically now that I am in the mood, I seem to be busier + [...]

Remembering how we started

I just binged Good Morning Call, a live-action J Drama chronicling a campus love story. As a result I am feeling nostalgic. I want to remember what my own campus love story was like. I had an epiphany -- not sure if it can be called that though -- that our own moments then sure [...]

Life, August 2018

I wanted to write quickly about updates re: my life. OK here goes.

💖 10 Years 💖

"If there's any kind of magic in this world it must be in the attempt of understanding someone sharing something." (Before Sunrise, 1995) 2007, early in the afternoon. Back then, we had the luxury of having no agendas or goals beyond the next day or the weekend. We've been carrying on a conversation, but halfway [...]

Looking back on Ghost Month

I have no public entries for August because there were no travels, no big weekends, no photogenic events. But there were a lot of early mornings, spent attacking blank unlined pages with a 0.3 black pen, writing over and over and over and over: “Stop being negative. Don’t be sad. Look on the bright side. Just [...]

To answer:

You cannot ask me about love in the context of presence. Love, after the amount of time that we’ve had, is not anymore about being there or not being there. We have experienced knowing, realizing, knowing some more, breaking apart, putting back together, newness, familiarity, hurt, pain, thrill, silence, calmness, joy, anger, fear, frustration, trust, [...]


 All the love in the world, if merely coming from one, loyal, sweet well, will not be enough for you. You need infinite oceans. You need flowing rivers. You need rushing, deafening falls. You need torrents of rain. You need the universe, or what you worship as your universe (this superficial world of celebrity!) to [...]

I called him on the cab ride. Desparate to have someone to spill these thoughts to. Ring, ring. He picks up. His voice is thick with sleep. As usual, I ask him, “tulog ka ba?” – even though it’s plain as day that I’ve woken him up. He had just fallen asleep, he manages to [...]