Remembering how we started

I just binged Good Morning Call, a live-action J Drama chronicling a campus love story. As a result I am feeling nostalgic. I want to remember what my own campus love story was like. I had an epiphany -- not sure if it can be called that though -- that our own moments then sure [...]

💖 10 Years 💖

"If there's any kind of magic in this world it must be in the attempt of understanding someone sharing something." (Before Sunrise, 1995) 2007, early in the afternoon. Back then, we had the luxury of having no agendas or goals beyond the next day or the weekend. We've been carrying on a conversation, but halfway [...]


On 'adulting' and excel sheets (without actually mentioning any numbers)

8 ans

We had a simple yet special dinner to celebrate our 8th year.

Ranie and Bacon


Monkey Man.

Happy Birthday! May you continue to prosper and grow as a man. You are rich, not because of money, but because your mind travels to endless places, your body continues to operate as a top-notch productive machine, and your heart is pure gold. Things will only get better, as they always have.  #143

Togetherness (Not for Strangers)

The thing you blog about should serve, in the future, to make you happy in one of two ways: 1) that you’ve done what you’ve promised to do, or b) that you’ve stopped doing whatever it was you were horribly doing. Although it looks impressive to start off this post with a quotish-looking block of [...]

it goes this way.

One of my favorite photos. Posting because this morning, my thread of thought spun its way to the imagination of things a couple of months from now - devoid of his smells and sounds and touches. It makes me awfully sad already, but perhaps it’s better to be freaking out right now so that I’ll [...]