Our favorite tree-spot, bench, instant forest-feel corner in UPLB

Yesterday afternoon was just like a dream - it had no endings, no beginnings, and familiarity and strangeness blended together in one steady flow that really just made beautiful, calming sense.

Summoned Surrealness.

when u see this on your train, you know ur gonna have a good time. #hk #disneyland post finally on sentimental-style.blogspot.com! #travel #photography #fun #mickey (Taken with Instagram)

Mantsa Teaser!

Tangled Angles

This city is my city

I don’t want a flower to put in my hair. I want the entire garden to play in Photo by Paolo Garcia, direction by Miguel Encarnacion, PP by me

❤ vintage dress 🙂 photo by Paolo, post processing by me, wonderful location c/o Miggy 🙂