Nature’s Healing Home, La Union

Closed November and welcomed December in one of our favorite towns - La Union, the North's surfing capital. But boards and waves weren't on our agenda on this trip - instead, we enjoyed a little respite and learned some new things at Nature's Healing Home, a meditation, yoga, and healing center found in a sprawling [...]


Surftown Sidetrip

Surftown Sidetrip

48 hours of pure, stress-free magic ❤ Worked on our goofys and paddles too (will share once we actually get the hang of it).

Capones Island, Zambales

Capones Island, Zambales

05.20.2017 These are our photos from Capones Island, a side trip from our weekend in Zambales. Breaking up sharing about this getaway into separate posts because I love all our pictures so much and it was so hard to curate! It figures that the smaller the party is, the more photos there are, in our case [...]

Seek and you will find…

Seek and you will find…

... an unplanned work trip to Siquijor.

Bantayan Island in Cebu, June 2016

I fell in love with Bantayan Island.

Masungi Georeserve, May 2016

Masungi Georeserve is only 30 minutes away from Marikina. It is a 1600-hectare property where the PH's only exposed Paleocene (50-60 million years old!!!) rock formations can be found. Since 1996, it has been painstakingly restored, protected, and prepared to help people appreciate our country's biodiversity and to inspire them to protect our environment as [...]

Tinipak River and Pililla Windmills, April 2016

The journey itself will take no more than 30 minutes but that's if you can resist the urge to climb the big limestones and pose for pictures

La Union, April 2016

A veritable surf town, a paradise for backpackers, and a very accessible getaway for those who want to ride waves, relax, and slow down time for a little bit, for a little while, or forever.

Liwliwa, March 2016

We followed a social entrepreneur as he spent a day among several Aeta communities in Zambales.

Norte, February 2016

A visual diary of our Ilocos trip last month.