A "pose" post, which I haven't done in years.


04/09/17 – Summer Greens

Another back-dated vanity sequence, inspired by bloggers and palm leaves LOL

Loose Silhouette / Gaucho Pants

Gaucho Pants ❤

Useless gratutious overstickered photo of the day (because tumblr is where I post stuff because I feel that the usual suspects won’t see them)

Happy New Year

Club Monaco dress from thrift A basic piece that becomes a thing of interest because of its posterior tie-up detail. To add to the XXX amount of black in my closet of old but singular stuff. Neuralgia re: where, what, when to publish these inane things. Oh well.

#ootd for a rainy sort-of last day.

Butas-butas ako today 🙂 Tired, but supremely satisfied again. Shoots always leave such a wonderful taste in the mouth. If only I could have all the time to do this! But I have goals. On another note: thank God, really, for internet and technology. It just makes things so much better. Distance is but a [...]

it’s my blog and I’ll post my GPOYs if I want to. Hehe. At the Global Pinoy Bazaar this afternoon with Bolle and Ahlee! 🙂 Pigout vs. Shopping. 🙂