Me, 2017


When people talk about the future, they usually go: “I’m afraid because I don’t know what’s gonna happen next.” Jumping into the unknown is scary.

As I close 2017, however, I’m afraid because I know exactly what’s in store for me next year. Continue reading “Me, 2017”


Apparently, I still “organize” and keep away like a college dormer :/

But there’s no more room for a ginormous bookshelf in the bedroom I share with my sister, so I got this roll-out plastic box (‘tis about 3 feet wide and six inches deep) to fit in some of the books Ranie and I own (we are nurturing a library between ourselves; there’s still an entire balikbayan box he left in his brothers’ apartment, and more from mine tucked away in various other corners of the house). This goes under the bed, for now. Someday we’ll have rooms and rooms for books, with big wide windows to let in lots of daylight, big comfy sofas for reading, and lots of pillows. And cookies. You’d be all welcome to drop in and stay awhile. ūüôā


1. I cleaned our room: I threw out old magazines, various unused things and so much scrap paper (to be sold to the magbobote for recycling). I feel so light and happy. I changed the curtains and sheets and even cleaned the electric fan. Vacuumed, dusted the walls and windows. It’s such a self-centered, little piece of activity that hasn’t got anything against achieving world peace or eradicating world hunger, but it feels so wonderful. Up next: raconteur-type “cleansing rituals” i.e. blog posts. As we all always do. ūüôā

2. Belated get-together with some college buddies tonight ‚ô• Sarap. Some major TMI moments, but in general, happy vibes. I’d always feared that post-college we’d all drift apart; but said fears have proven to be ungrounded. Thank God for these relationships!

3. MMFF Checklist: Asiong Salonga and Segunda Mano down. Been tweeting about it¬†and even garnered a reply from hihihi Ping Medina. ūüôā Have yet to talk more about these films; I feel iffy about doing movie “reviews” since I’ve never considered myself credible enough. But yeap, it seems required now, at least academic-wise.

4. I’m thankful that God gives me the provision to be generous. Overflow indeed! I can’t NOT pay it forward. All for You. I’ve long ago learned that with conscientiousness also comes a huge amount of trust that He will take care of what needs to be taken care of. That worrying is irrelevant because He shall always provide if you ask Him for it. And the gracious Lord has never, ever failed.

5. Aware of what a ridiculous break this is from more crazy nerve-wracking busy-ness. That is why I’m milking it for all its worth. I can’t wait for January, really really really really. ūüôā