Mountaineers are not very superstitious people

Still from my Nepal notes. An anecdote that didn't make it to my final drafts. Mountaineers are not very superstitious people. At least not in the traditional way that other athletes are, with their lucky socks, best shoes, fortuitous days, or pre-game rituals. Henry, a longtime member of the UP Mountaineers, is telling me this, [...]


Why Nepal should be part of your travel bucket list

If you’re wondering where to go next, Nepal – home to 8 of the tallest peaks in the world – should be on top of your list. This South Asian country is a mountainous region that shares borders with China and India. Located in the Himalayan range, Nepal is the home of the mighty Mount [...]

Postcards From The Sky

Just last week I was a girl who has never ran more than 5k, never done a day hike, never gone trekking, and never climbed a single peak.

New Heights

WAY TO NAMCHE. Photo by Elaine Tima Currently traversing a portion of the Great Himalayan Trail, trekking and hiking all for the sake of a story. I have pushed myself to the limits physically for this trip (which was a fortuitous blessing in the first place). I am learning new things about Nepal, mountaineering, Sherpa [...]