September 2018

Highlights, ramblings, what have you. Here goes! Gained a few more pounds because of serious PMS episodes + eating my feelings away to make up for all the anxiety, missing Ranie, and general "I need a win" moments. Must exercise, but ironically now that I am in the mood, I seem to be busier + [...]



Lessons from a hairdryer

I can be very devoted to very unimportant things – like hair dryers. The one I have now is a really cheap version of a branded model, and it was purchased recently because of the fact that my hair – after 18 months – was reaching a length that necessitated hair dryer use most mornings. [...]

Papa and Monsters (Old and New)

Image Source Brad Pitt's Gerry wasn't just a fantastic Z-killer - he was a scared, nervous father who was hell bent on protecting his two daughters. So you know what World War Z made me reflect so much on? My own father, who used to battle with evil creatures too. When we were very very [...]

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