On Lipstick

A girl’s happiness can be dependent on the most elusive things like physical or spiritual satisfaction. But it can also be immensely found on simple things like getting a lip color that she really, really, really loved, lost, and somehow got back again. What would propel a girl with a dangerous salary state to spend [...]

sometimes what you want can be truer or more faithful than any kind of reality. #drawing #girl #doodle #reading (Taken with Instagram)

messy cos im rusty. #drawing #fashion #art #watercolor #doodle #color #girl #illustration #rainbow (Taken with Instagram)

New default photo. Sana ganyan ako ka-rosy posy in real life. :p

I don’t want a flower to put in my hair. I want the entire garden to play in Photo by Paolo Garcia, direction by Miguel Encarnacion, PP by me

❤ vintage dress 🙂 photo by Paolo, post processing by me, wonderful location c/o Miggy 🙂

nagpapaka-burgis. from my 131 “shoot” turned major kalandian afternoon with Miggy and Bolle in Batangas!