games, cupcakes, tacos, etcetera!

Meet a super-partial assemblage of the Etcetera family: Last night, the bosses threw together a little get-together for the production team. I only got to take verrry few photos because I was dismally late (2 hours in traffic! It is the season’s bane), but here are some of the decent ones. In Solar, I’m used [...]


You better watch Etcetera this Sunday. I produced two segments 🙂

the talent, the producer, the ex-producer, the host

ETC’s Glam Camp!

I’m just insta-posting for announcement’s sake right now. 🙂 These are just SOME of the things you’ll lust over at ETC’s Glam Camp, happening until TOMORROW EVENING ONLY at the Alphaland Tents (inside the mall right at Magallanes-MRT station)! Admission is free, and aside from the fashion and beauty stalls, there’s also food, yummy milk [...]

ETC - that hip, colorful, fierce channel! -  is looking for new young people who can write and conceptualize promos and segments for its on-air executions! Looking for someone with an eye for style, a flair for witty writing, and a positive attitude about work. Fire away those resumes because this is good on-the-ground training [...]

veronicazamesa: This is for real, just in case you think it isn’t. Asking my dear friends and followers to kindly reblog 🙂 I love the colors. Chos. Not that we’re needy or anything 🙂