Manila Biennale 2018 | Snapshots


Scenes from a Saturday spent with friends, history, and creative commentary. Props to the organizers behind the first-ever Manila Biennale, for doing a free open house right before the actual events and talks happening all month long. Intramuros, with its solemn walls, wide-open parks, and peaceful cobble pathways, was the perfect setting for the exhibits — in fact, the juxtaposition couldn’t have been more apt. Quite a few art pieces and installations tackled freedom, justice, and society. It’s sobering to realize that we’re still challenging familiar oppressors and issues that we’ve been dealing with for hundreds of years. Continue reading “Manila Biennale 2018 | Snapshots”


Snapshots: Art Fair Philippines 2016


My favorite works from this year’s Art Fair run. The turnout and the explosion of snap-worthy contemporary art just gets bigger year after year. Art patrons and selfie-crazy youth mingle with local and international artists to gawk and enjoy paintings, sculptures, installations, and multi-media presentations.

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Beautiful resin sculptures by Salvador Joel Alonday

Fabric Skin by Marina Cruz

Art Informal

Too good not to share.

Check out these bits of actually cool vandalism.

Thanks to a magazine that used this location for a fashion editorial, I realized that the graffiti lining this wall (which is a minute away from my house) has expanded to some really interesting things.

For the longest time, the entire wall used to have one of AG Sano’s bigger whale murals. But that’s their life as street artists – they say you just have to accept that the piece you’ve worked so hard on will be painted over eventually.

And so here’s my attempt at posterity.

Detail of BenCab’s “Lovers”
#love #valentinesday #lovers #art #artph #painting #kiss

Yakap by Iggy Rodriguez

Pen and ink on paper mounted on sintra board assemblage

West Gallery, QC January 2014

Sal_t by Caloy Gernale

Acrylic on Denim

Jan 9-Feb9 at West Gallery


Describing a sculpture I imagined in my head, via a drawing.

I entered the last room. Here, there was only one sculpture.

At the center of the space was a towering glass piece, almost touching the ceiling, perched on a wooden pedestal. From the doorway, it seemed like a liquid blob of distinct shapes. By then it was late in the afternoon, and the heat of the day was giving way to the magical stillness before dark. The light from the windows passed through the glass in different ways, giving it a glowing, moving appearance even though it was quite still.

I moved closer. It was a figure of a man and a woman, locked in a tight embrace. Softer lines for the female, harder edges for the male. It was hard to distinguish where one body ended and the other one began. I can make out hands, lips, shoulders, smooth backsides and not much else. The crystal was polished so clearly that you could see through and beyond the hollowness.

At their cores, there were tiny dark objects, which I presumed to be hearts. But when I peered in, almost feeling the cold surface against my nose, I realized what they were and drew back with a tiny gasp.

It was a pair of revolvers. One inside each body, poised towards the other. Cocked and ready to cross from one glass barrier to another, shattering to pieces and killing instantly.

The closer they drew each other in, the nearer they were to destruction.

Gates of Hell

Leeroy New