Me, 2018

This is how I wrapped up 2018 and welcomed 2019.

Seek and you will find…

Seek and you will find…

... an unplanned work trip to Siquijor.

Doodling on my phone

Having fun drawing using my new phone.

Until tomorrow

Hump Day 🙂 Thank u Mia for organizing this!

Miss you sea you

I need…

Money. Not a lot of it, just some of it. No scratch that – I don't really "need" money. I just want something (it's not a NEED) and I'd have to have some money (aside from what I have) to get it. And... I'm sad because usually I'd be OK with not getting what I [...]

nikewomen: Calling all abs: we do yoga now. 

Ranie’s birthday dinner 🙂