I can’t sleep yet, on account of bad food decisions and maybe too much time today. This isn’t going to be very clear. Forgive me, future self.

Like the rest of the world, we finished off Stranger Things 2 last week, but I haven’t properly processed post-mortem perspectives about it until right now, on account of last Monday being a Monday: it came with that sort of numbing adrenaline rush you dive into headfirst, much like the cold shower you jump into just to get it over with – you’re not happy about it, but it’s happening anyway. Also, I had to finish the Beyond aftershow special as well, made all the more charming by Jim Rash – Netflix knows us so well, doesn’t it? And how well it is shaping us too – more on that later. I feel like I have much more to write about the peripherals of the entire experience – binge-watching culture, the context of adults finding escapism with a set of well-cast, perfectly-mannered talented white kids – than the actual content of the show itself. Continue reading “Ships”


My sister’s wedding



My sister is younger than me by 11 months but she is my idol in so many ways… on top of being an awesome mother to Fourth she, along with Third, have organized an elegant, romantic celebration of their union last month. It meant a happy Christmas for the family as Papa came home…

I could only hope that, in my time, I could pull off the same. LOL Continue reading “My sister’s wedding”

City Of Stars – Cover (from the La La Land OST)

This isn’t a perfect cover but I’m so happy because there were no dogs nor roosters in this one-shot live recording. 🙂 Tsamba 🙂

Me, 2016


In lieu of a long text post of a photo re-compilation (as I’ve previously done), I thought I’d try my hand at making a simple infographic of the stats and things that made up my year. It was pretty easy to do this in on (You’d think that being in content marketing, I’d know that infographics are sooo 2014 and I should be doing social videos instead! We’ll get to that, we will). Continue reading “Me, 2016”

It’s been a while

I have been too busy to file my own stories. Q4 is usually is an easy coast for me; this year it wasn’t. But 2016 is closing in less than two months, I am excited to finish it with a satisfactory flourish. To complete our big projects well, finish my year-ender story, find a new person to join the team, make sure everyone is still happy. Me included of course.

My dear Lola passed away last September 27. It’s been 40 days since but my family is still healing. I am trying my best to be by Mama’s side as much as I can to make sure that she looks after herself too whilst we fix up loose ends and take care of her Ate. We miss Lola so much; she was already 82 but she was still gone so soon.

Ahlee is finally doing her church ceremony next month and I have a dress I am excited to wear and we are finalizing preparations and we are looking forward to that spot of happiness. Papa is still deciding  hard whether to come home or just give the couple a big monetary gift! This I do not completely understand. This makes me worry because what about next year? But I think I am also overthinking it.

I have been overthinking A LOT. And it has been putting a strain on how I communicate with Ranie. We will be 9 years together next year; and our relationship now is actually way more challenging than it was when we were 2 broke Comm major students. But we find ways to make it work. Him especially. I do not know where I will be without his strength and faith.

I am still looking forward to going on an adventure before the year ends; hopefully I still manage one travel post within this month. Crossed fingers.

Looking back on Ghost Month


I have no public entries for August because there were no travels, no big weekends, no photogenic events. But there were a lot of early mornings, spent attacking blank unlined pages with a 0.3 black pen, writing over and over and over and over: “Stop being negative. Don’t be sad. Look on the bright side. Just grit your teeth and do it.” So I went ahead and did all that.

Continue reading “Looking back on Ghost Month”

Previously on ‘My Life’


I have nothing to report but stories about work – too much of it, feelings about it, realizations about it, accomplishments connected to it.

Continue reading “Previously on ‘My Life’”


Image source

Last night, we sat down in a tea shop, pulled up a blank excel sheet, and typed in some numbers. Numbers that seemed small in the first row. Numbers that seemed abstract for both of us, Comm majors. Then we added formulas. The small numbers became bigger. Some numbers looked nice. But most of the numbers, frankly, looked scary. Scary not because we don’t understand them, but because we understood them well enough, and we don’t feel very happy about what they’re telling us.  Continue reading “Numbers”




I have never loved my body 100 percent. But I have mostly been OK with it. Despite my perennial digestion issues, for most of my life I have eaten what I want and done (or, not done) what I want and my weight has always been ok. I don’t have a perfect figure, but I was never wanting for compliments. But I never particularly cared about it.

That’s all changing now. Continue reading “010916”

Me, 2015


I don’t distinctly remember my outlook at the start of 2015. I think I did not have an outlook at all. Or if I had one, it wasn’t very excited, hopeful, or optimistic frankly.

The year before – 2014 – was simply very steady. I entered my 2nd year in Rappler. I finished my grad school units. I reached the 6th-year mark with Ranie. Everything was fine.

So my prognosis for 2015? I supposed everything was gonna continue being fine. And if things looked up, I thought, maybe I could get a ticket to somewhere out of the country.


Looking back, now, as is requisite over the Holiday break, ‘fine’ seems to be a major understatement.  Continue reading “Me, 2015”