I can’t sleep yet, on account of bad food decisions and maybe too much time today. This isn’t going to be very clear. Forgive me, future self. Like the rest of the world, we finished off Stranger Things 2 last week, but I haven’t properly processed post-mortem perspectives about it until right now, on account [...]


My sister’s wedding

I could only hope that, in my time, I could pull off the same

City Of Stars – Cover (from the La La Land OST)

This isn't a perfect cover but I'm so happy because there were no dogs nor roosters in this one-shot live recording. 🙂 Tsamba 🙂

Me, 2016

Bonus infographic!

It’s been a while

I have been too busy to file my own stories. Q4 is usually is an easy coast for me; this year it wasn't. But 2016 is closing in less than two months, I am excited to finish it with a satisfactory flourish. To complete our big projects well, finish my year-ender story, find a new [...]

Looking back on Ghost Month

I have no public entries for August because there were no travels, no big weekends, no photogenic events. But there were a lot of early mornings, spent attacking blank unlined pages with a 0.3 black pen, writing over and over and over and over: “Stop being negative. Don’t be sad. Look on the bright side. Just [...]

Previously on ‘My Life’

I have nothing to report but stories about work – too much of it, feelings about it, realizations about it, accomplishments connected to it. I've been going home late consistently for the past 3 weeks, and maybe I have been taking on more than I should be taking on. Partly my fault. Partly also not, [...]


On 'adulting' and excel sheets (without actually mentioning any numbers)


My body is changing, and my perception of it should, too

Me, 2015

My 2015 was crazy. But in a very, very good way.