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Goofing off in our rooftop today.

Hay, I can’t wait to be in an actual beach to make the most of all this sun!

Photos by my brother Paolo

(I do miss posting stuff like these!)


04/09/17 – Summer Greens

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Shadows settle in the place that you left

F21 pullover

My last post in this blog was three months ago, because three months ago, I decided on a whim to apply for a full-time job at Rappler. And then I got hired. ^_^
That happened in tandem with a full course load for my grad class so things became really, really busy, even for my standards (I’m terrified to check my grades even if 2nd sem’s starting two weeks from now).


Now I spend my days (and some nights) doing some writing – trying to tell stories about brands and adding some newsworthy narratives to their objectives. A lot of brainstorming. The past two weeks, ironically enough, a lot of production-related stuff too.
It’s different from PR (what I’ve done), or features (what I’ve done), or journalism (what I’ve never done). But it’s also a mix of all those three.


In between, there’s hardly any energy left to write personal stories, let alone take vain shots (also there hasn’t been anything new / fantastic in terms of dressing up lately).
I’m putting this up to commemorate the fact that if I put my mind to it, I can make time for black and white grainy photos against a messy bedroom where I’ve been trundling into past 2 AM for the last month. And if I can make time for all that, I can make time for writing my story.
I can’t forget what I love, even in the midst of learning to love a new thing.

Memo to my indulgent, missing 19-year-old idyllic Saturdays self.


Coat Forever 21 | Dress Cotton On | Boots Doc Martens from HK | Necklace OS

Covering #BU5 and some weekend hangout after.

Forgotten Road

Cotton On Dress.
Forest like scenario yesterday. Actually nearer than usual.

Cat Eared Cold Nip

Forever 21 jacket, my favorite oxygen dress, Forever 21 tights, Zara loafers.
Switched up my shoes and jacket for shopping in the night market.
Photos by Jake Bacud
2nd Day in Hong Kong. Day to Night by way of Jacket and shoes. My hair stayed curly because there was no humidity to zap it back into lame tameness. I also found a cat-eared felt hat in fedora and I don’t know where I can wear it here in Manila but I’ll make it work somehow. It’s Christmas season, there’s always a party to go to.

Cold Weather

Penshoppe beanie | Dept. Store dress | Forever 21 leather jacket and tights | DMs

Was in Hong Kong again for a couple of days for work (I claimed only two trips this year and God has given me four and I’m so thankful and awed by His ability to make anything possible!). It was so cold – and I believe it was my first time to seriously dress up for chilly weather. I was almost ill prepared (scanty tights anyone) but my jackets and my DMs sort of saved me. I packed so light for this trip and just did a whole lot of mixing and matching. Strictly speaking this was a work trip but I had a lot of fun, mainly because of the people I was with and the fact that shivering was such an alien reaction to me and so it was inexplicably exhilarating.

Je Sais Mort

Dressbarn dress | OS necklace | Doc Martens
Channeling ghosts with this Undas holiday timer trippin’ spree I’ve had since yesterday.
Obviously inspired by the holiday, and this is also my entry for a contest that #drmartensph is having!
Just in case you’re here, it won’t take more than five seconds to vote by clicking on this link:
Thank you! ♥

Grey Gardens

Cardigan, Mum’s | cropped tank from the UP coop | thrifted and DIYed shorts (hello frayed hems! fresh from the butchering floor) | Divi skull necklace and socks | SM bag and brogues
I can’t exactly say it’s out of un-inspiration or laziness. But it was a pretty somber day if I remember correctly (I mean, I think I was puyat.  I mean I know I was puyat – look at that face). Plus it was raining so I needed to cosy up. And those two factors together called for something… somber. So I decided to wear everything in near-boring matchiness in this photo from about three weeks back. 
But I think, in hindsight, it was a comfort. This is low-low dressing since there’s nary a “sosyal” item in sight (wait, when did I ever do sosyal again?!) and sometimes that’s the best thing. To not give a f*ck then regret it when you remember that you want to update imaginary stalkers about your sartorial obsessions then just console yourself with saying to not give a f*ck is the point (but by ending this post in this sentence, do yourself in by revealing, yes, you do give an f).

A Subtle Rock and Roll Persuasion

Thrifted lace top | Forever 21 jacket | Orange and Violet bandage skirt | Centropelle boots | OS Accessories bone necklace

The (photoshop) force was obviously very strong on this one… that’s a Chagall I just blasphemized for the photo’s backgrounds.

Wore this to a music-themed presscon, so, felt the need to do a little rocker-inspired dressing. And as the way things go with leather in my third-world existence, it can be daunting and too costume-y, so the best way to go is always to do it in contrasts – hence, girly lace and a tight (non-leather) skirt underneath. Almost funereal with the OS bone necklace which I am so happy to finally have. And then grey boots. Wearing old favorites in new ways is always fun, and the point of the whole thing. You dig?