The Wholesome Table’s latest menu offerings

I like The Wholesome Table because they serve food that is fresh, healthy, preservative-free, and sourced locally as much as possible. It goes without saying that everything is delicious – especially their all-day breakfasts in the Legazpi branch. (I wrote about their then-new pastries and superfood bibingka last year here.) Did you know that there's [...]

Snapshots: Binondo, Lunar New Year

If you've never been to Manila's Chinatown on this day, here's what it looks like

Post-Workout Meal

Thank you

Ranie saved me from hunger last night. He wanted romantic 💙 but I wanted sizzling sinigaaaaang 🙂

You can’t have too much of a good thing

I know now: relying too much “accessibility” can ruin everything. Think about it: don't we tend to want things more acutely when we can’t have them outright? Aren't we always pining for what we can't readily have? But when they’re near, they’re not really so dear. Convenience kills desire. Premium is on rarity. Commitment only [...]

EAT AT: Singlish Cafe, Lilac St

CEREAL PRAWNS. That’s all I really wanna talk about right now lah. It’s the reason why I coaxed two friends to go with me and try out the newly-opened Singlish Cafe in Lilac St, Marikina City (but hey, we all live around 3-7 minutes away so it didn’t take much effort). I had my first [...]

Craft Coffee: brewing a revolution

Saturday afternoon involved the mild success of finding the cheapest possible sleeve for my newly-issued work laptop and visiting Craft Coffee’s newest branch in Katipunan. I’m going to talk more about the latte*. If I were to travel back to last summer, I never would’ve though of using “Craft Coffee” and “newest branch” in the [...]

Patio Vera

Photos by the mutto Ranie Last week Ranie and I had a simple but still quite fancy dinner at Patio Vera - to celebrate our 5th anniversary (surprise surprise!). We are both so caught up in work and since my last freelance job was also for their exhibit we were together 24/7 for about 2 [...]