Beauty talk: 2 brands I like right now

11 years ago, I started a style blog (and you'll still find all my posts here). I wanted to document my life and #OOTDs in college. I've "quit" this format since 2013, but once in a while I do miss being unapologetically indulgent and vain. In the grand scheme of things this isn't important for [...]

Loose Silhouette / Gaucho Pants

Gaucho Pants ❤

Caftan + Currently

Showing off my latest tiangge acquisition, and a rundown of the latest updates on my wee old life

I tried the ‘KonMari’ method

Today I took on the big task of tidying my messy wardrobe, one and for all.

Blue on Blue

It started out tied in a knot, but I wussed out

Librarian Look

I love looking like a librarian

Forces of Fashion, Vogue September 2015

From ‘Forces of Fashion,’ Vogue September 2015

New boots

Doodle: Poncho


MJ Daisy

Currently enjoying this because why can’t we wear summer scents during rainy weather? Lasting power almost next to none though, albeit it settles on my skin into a soft, indistinguishable scent.