In Less Words

It’s been a can-barely-think blur since February started and I just got my 10 hours yesterday (of sleep). So, here are some whatsups. πŸ™‚ The gist is I’m old and I do boring stuff related to work and being a freelancer but I’d give up sleep to be in the company of people I love (and for the work I love).
Also: I need to pay more attention to my body’s clock. Being moody gets in the way of too many things. Calm now but at 25 I need I think to learn how to rein it in better huh.
Up next: travel again in March. (Or what I go broke for). After that I seriously need to save up for those new things I need for my work!



Debate Society homecoming last weekend. Here’s what a 10-year old DebSoc looks like now!


Another Saturday spent for another wedding in Batangas. This is the same as the one in the previous post (congratulations lovebirds Ran and Ice) but this black dress was my travel outfit because lace and I can never have a long term relationship (ex. upon 5 minutes of changing in the church restroom, I conveniently leaned into some branch and light snarky decor. Thankfully my boyfriend’s extricating skills prevented any damage that my sister might notice). Love and the New Year, such a perfect note-setter. The weather was so wonderfully nippy too.

December Weddings: Details, II

Rio gets a solo shot. Haha.
Just before the year 2012 ended my college bloc-mate Jackie married her man Michael. Their solemn church ceremony was at Taal Basilica (I’ve been here for two summers, so nice to be back) and I along with some of our batch mates made the day trip to be with her on her special day. It was a rainy day but the warmth of their love made everything sunny and bright indoors.
Jackie turned her bouquet-throwing tradition into a stop-music relay and I ended up with it at the last round… I thought she was gonna call me out but thank goodness Jaq mentioned the twist at the last minute haha.
And that makes it three weddings that I attended this year. And I have another one next month. Seems like that time for my peers. Haha. *oblivious*
And now the outfit!
Ora dress (matched her yellow / gold theme unwittingly, also, decided against lace and heels because I commuted to Batangas. Good enough, breezy fun). I’m turning more and more back into a basic dresser and maybe that will define the next direction of all this online whatever-ing… πŸ™‚

Forests and Night Fires

I love you, UPLB. Forever. Going back will always be like a tall drink of ice cold water on a sweltering summer day.
Canopies and looming branches are such a UPLB given and now I legitimately miss them, seeing as here in the city, I wade through canopies of smoke, MRTs, electrical wires, and skyscrapers on a nightly basis. I think both have their beauty, but I think deep down in my heart I will always long for a languid, do-nothing Sunday under the shade of a rain tree; versus LED trippiness. But that’s not to say that all the holiday-inspired excess do not cheer me up. I am thankful to be in a country who hangs on to Christmas as if happiness can be manufactured, and conjured; at least I think we haven’t given up on finding joy and that’s what counts. December has been winding down into a pretty awesome state. Haven’t been as busy as I’d feared and it just might be one twinkle short of perfect. Prayers of hope and resilience for everyone else being sent out from my heart (also am doing / donating what I can).

Photobooth Vanity

Alternate bouts of vanity AND puyat documentation for the past months. My laptop is practically attached to my body and sometimes taking a selfie seems important (I think I’ve been using it as a mirror). Definitely a season of Do. But I’m all thankful and not complaining. πŸ™‚
Actually would just want everyone to divert their attention to the top left photo. Done again by Hyatt before Vero and I got stuck for more than an hour in EDSA Friday rush hour traffic. Everything hair wise just sort of progresses negatively from there ^_^


Here I am trying not to spaz out after shooting / watching a semi-private performance that Tarsius did for us… They’re a long-time favorite group and it was nice to get to feature them! There’s still time until this Sunday (morning I think) to catch a replay. Seriously puffy eyes after a 12AM wrap-up are also kind of inevitable.

Milk and Cookies

Leftover photos from an amazing Saturday with some college buddies last month. After our Binondo food/foot trip, we still had dinner (and drinks) at Freds, and THEN milk and cookies (this was MY plea to all the boys) at Sweet Ecstasy. This was such a dreamy, visually (and gastronomically) satisfying day.

3 Fotos

1. Apres L’opera, avec dentelle 2. Petit-dejeuner dans la nuit 3. policier danse
Sometimes there’s everything to do, but you’re listening to some new The Killers song and you just want to post pictures, and wish that everything were still about to happen instead of having to happen. That feeling of blind belief in tomorrow. I know, no connection these pictures.Β 
But sometimes there’s everything to do and then you just want to post pictures.

About Nothing In Particular

And everything, at the same time. πŸ™‚
I was half-sick yesterday. Half-sick because I don’t exactly have a fever, but I don’t feel bright and sprightly enough to go out and do something productive beyond jumping back and forth from the laptop to the bed and occasionally heading downstairs to eat and get fat. Not helping is my busted knee, which I thought was healing, but after 24 hours of running back and forth on 3 “walkable” locations and carrying various things from shirts to stacks of monobloc chairs to food to scripts… well, it hurts again.
So maybe, some random pictures from the past weekend and week and weekend right now:
Weather has been wonderfully conducive for eating and enjoying home-cooked food.
Bumped into Pinky sometime last week for our pre-prod meeting! It took me a good five seconds to get up and say hi because I was wondering who is this pretty girl who is approaching me?
Goofing off pre-fiasco. Haha.
Beautiful sunset at the Esplanade. Why does it have to be named after an iconic SG structure which also happens to be beside a sea?
The transformation of my backstage outfit as I wrote down in a previous post. Well just changed everything on top and took out my hair bun. πŸ™‚
The Mime pulled out a fire just for this photo! πŸ™‚
Our hosts for the Superior Pipes event last last week πŸ™‚
Evidences of my ngarag-ness. At least you can see that I really work at these things and that I truly have no time to doll-up all out. Such is my life.
And now, lazy-ass instagram snaps for more random happiness πŸ˜€
Someone bought new shoes and will probably need a big take home box. And some spare monies to ship it all back home. And proudly sent a snap of it too. Ranie’s newfound interest in clothes and shoes is still surprising me. KL what have you done to him? I do not presume to have anything to do with it. NO.
Downloaded a truck load of camera apps that have instantly deceiving filters such as this. Even a couple that are written entirely in Chinese characters. No matter, there is no challenge too hard for the girl in search of vain affirmation.
But when all else fails – use a coffee cup. To hide 24 hours’ sleeplessness.