Incubus in Manila, February 2018


Every time Incubus would come to Manila, the circumstances were never ideal. Finally last night the stars aligned, and I saw them live for the very first time in my life! I had such a great time with Ranie, Franco, and Val at Araneta last night.

Morning View is one of my favorite records of all time. It was the 2nd CD I ever bought in high school. I would listen to everything from Nice To Know You to Aquaeous Transmission at 4 am while reviewing for periodical exams (that’s the story of how I became a morning person). When I started working, my musical taste leaned a little more into the pop and indie-rock/funk/etc spectrum because of all the plugs I needed to score. Spotify has now basically rendered having any sort of preference moot, honestly, but deep down I still love my nu-metal and pop-rock. Anyway… listening to songs from their latest album 8, live, made me realize what a forlorn album it is… frankly it didn’t excite me that much, so I haven’t been looping it, but man, last night, it was all about the mid-2000s era too, so my 13-year-old fangirl heart was very happy.

We were in upper box seats but we jumped and head banged as wildly as the floor people (well I did)… God, I need to go to more concerts to unleash like that. It felt so, so good. Thank you for coming back, Incubus.

Processed with VSCO with l2 preset

About this look: wore this last night to Incubus’ concert! It’s like their 4th or 5th time here, but I’ve never caught them live until now — even though I’ve loved them since 2001 when I was 13. A lifetime ago. Typically one would wear black and jeans to a rock concert, but I wanted to look more polished and grown up, because let’s face it, no one in last night’s crowd was probably younger than 25 (I think). This would’ve been an office look if not for my beaten, still-so-good Chucks… I love clean, androgynous silhouettes (come to think of it Brandon does wear a lot of shirts / suits in their earlier videos…).

A look that mixes the old and new… probably the best way to deal with random nostalgia on a weekend.

Processed with VSCO with 5 preset

Also, believe it or not, this is our first concert together. In our 10 years as a couple. 2018 — a year of many milestones for us 🙂 Including THE BIG ONE. Hay! So many things to still do and organize. I’m not chill — I’m frozen in panic. But this will happen one way or another. Askdjflsjlkdjg!!!

I just missed life-update blogging, so there. Nostalgia, told you. 🙂


Art Fair Philippines 2013

And yes, it was my excuse to pose for posts.
Also meant to be subtitled as “I imagine I’m art, too.”
The best in contemporary local art were on display all week for Art Fair Philippines – 25 galleries around the metro have been commissioned to put up exhibits inside an entire parking lot floor at The Link. I mean to meander back today to see the outdoor installations before the exhibition closes, but in the meantime, here’s what was inside. A lot of familiar works (of course), but also some new discoveries worth remembering and posting here.
Also – Gong Xi Fa Cai! (Now has a special place in my heart because of last year’s KL trip).
Photos by me and Ranie Catimbang

BAQ Conference | Hong Kong December 2012

I thought I’d share some more random photos from a brief HK trip I took last December 4-6. It was for work, so no Disney or sights this time! But it was so cold… and the shopping was still fantastic. And I was with the most awesome people so I still had 100% fun. 🙂
Had a big breakfast at the airport before our flight!

It was so foggy when we touched down! My tights felt a little warm in Manila, I’m glad I listened to Rhea and brought warm things for my legs.
Believe it or not, I didn’t get to try street food the last time I was here. Glad to have done several rounds of yummy and warm hawker food on this stay! This one is sausages and something like Takoyaki.
Curled my hair for the event day. And WOW it stayed on all day. That never happens in humid Manila! *urban jealous*
HK Polytechnic University’s logo, in reverse view.


Jake with our super efficient and helpful Tech assistant. I was impressed with the Poly kids (where BAQ conference was held), they all talk fast and seem really angry (haha) but they get the work done, super fast, super well.


Big sigh after the presentation! This was for a local environment organization. Rhea’s team (me included) helped with the script, AV materials, and running the show. So no pics during my hand was poised on the laptop and reading the script / flow carefully!


I didn’t have my G12 with my because it was on repair and I brought my old powershot… AND THEN PROMPTLY DROPPED IT HARD on MONGKOK’S STREET. FML My mom loves that camera and … I broke it. So this is the only decent food shot I have. Pasta which was not even mine.


Of course we didn’t go home without doing some night market shopping. We stayed in the Tsim Sha Tsui area and although it was fantastic to window shop there, Mongkok was still where we did lots of our shopping. The exchange rate during this month was better than last time – – so I kinda was very happy (and also consequently broke right now hahahaha).
January is well underway and this month it’s gonna be all about work work work! But I can start it right… doing my church’s annual fasting right now (as this post goes live, although I’m creating it in advance because I’ll be off my internet crutches all week!). Thursday is the 2nd to the last day so I’ll probably be cranky but excited for tomorrow (haha), but I’m excited to do this for God, for myself, for my plans.

Wrist Candy: Tendence

Cotton on baro | Elise leggings | Hailey and Five bangles (overusing!) | Divi necklace | Mango bag | DMs from HK
Photos by Renan Ramirez

So I wore a sweater and some crazy tights to the Tendence launch a few weeks back…
And right after that I made and posted this video about the Tendence launch…

And after that I got a really cool message from the Tendence team! 🙂

“Lotto pose.” 🙂 Picked it up after a shoot hence, eyebags and ngaragness.
Thank you Lucerne and Mr. Vhone Yao 🙂
I know it’s a party watch, but I’m also using it for work because a) I hardly have time to party lately and b) the larger than life dials also work pretty well when you need to keep things in schedule.
These may or may not be candid. Conclude that a) I tend to be wearing identical and monochrome sweaters lately and b) my pink Fantasy watch provides a happy (and functional) pop of color to things.

Tendence Fantasy Launch at Prive

In a very rare turn, I found myself in an exclusive launch for the Tendence Fantasy watch line. And I also found myself up for an extra three hours just now, editing a quick video blog for it. I’ve been trying to get the hang of making more videos lately because a) my new laptop can now render videos faster so it’s a shame not to abuse it; b) I’m producing more location-based segments so I thought I’d do some “practicing” for my “eye” (whatever that means) and c) sometimes I just really miss my merch producer days, editing plugs day in and day out. It’s a hardwired thing, it really is.

Anyways, I just arranged everything in chronological order and I hope you enjoy it. The theme of the party was “neon” hence all the black light goodness. I was so busy doing “artista watch” and filming the bloggers that I forgot to get decent outfit shots *looks for event photos on the Tendence page*. But enough about my dweeb moments and more on the actual star of the night…

Tendence toutes itself as the newest “party watch” – durable make, bright neon colors, and the iconic larger-than-life dials which turn telling time into a style statement. There are eight colors available now in the Philippines, with four more styles to be rolled out next month.

All the yummy colors. I’d love to have one in brown or bright blue. SRP is PHP 9,950.

I went to Prive by myself so I was glad that Paul, Lana, and Lissa and our other companion (whose name eludes me now WAH) were extra nice and saved me from a Perks of Being a Wallflower prom scene type of moment.

If your next tendency is to get a Tendence Fantasy (lame, Krista, lame), the watch is now available in the ff. stores:

  • Wrist Pod The Fort
  • Wrist Pod Power Plant
  • Wrist Pod Megamall
  • Swiss Gear North Edsa
  • Swiss Gear Greenbelt 1

And, you can also visit the official Tendence Fan Page on Facebook.

No, seriously, you have to watch the video. It’s less than two minutes and Divine Lee and Yael Yuzon are in there somewhere. 🙂

Bloom Arts Festival 2012

Went to Bloom and shot some crappy defocused videos of the wonderful night… Put them together and somehow ended up making a quick edit.


“We believe in the power of the Philippine Peso. We encourage our fellow Filipinos to think twice before spending. Shopping should be a conscious decision that starts with a thought such as: Is this product really worth buying for?

As they become more informed, we want to empower the youth to improve our country by supporting Filipino brands that support local natural and human resources- Filipino products made with 100% Filipino love and pride.
We hope that these choices are not simply done today, but repeated over time developing into a lifestyle of choosing Filipino made products. This demand will enliven our local industries and thus, further improve the good quality Filipino brands available today.”

Time flies: The Global Pinoy Bazaar is back!

You can be part of it in a MAJOR way.
If you’ve got the creative panache to show off what YOU are made of, Yabang Pinoy is holding a photo contest:
And if you don’t mind, you can win as much as 20k worth of GCs to the Pinoy Bazaar. Get rewarded for being proud of what you are.
Click on over to the Yabang Pinoy homepage for full mechanics!
And see you all the The Global Pinoy Bazaar in November!

Full Friday

Thrifted top, Divi shorts, Primadonna shoes
Photos by my sister Ahlee
This is one of my recent thrift acquisitions (actually from that big weekend in Tagaytay). The closest I could probably get to having something reminiscent of Versace’s iconic Baroque shirts.
It was a Full Friday because I had a full day of work (no shoots, no class, so busied myself with my events sideline :D), then a full tummy (my work mate Mia’s birthday dinner at Cafe Ysabel), then a full night/mornight of fun at 7 For All Mankind’s Party Nights launch at Republiq 😀
Had no time to pack a change of outfits. In keeping with the tragedy of my sparse partying experience I was not in something party-worthy, again :-/

But that didn’t keep us from having a great time. 
“What happens in…”


Last Thursday was my official first day back in school for this year. My class wasn’t until late afternoon so on to MAFBEX it was 🙂
My high school classmates / buddies Justine, Pepa, and Julia judged a competition ran by CSB.
Monochrome vs. Bright and Colorful!
My cousin’s an HRM student so I brought her and her friends along. 😀

Catering inspirations.

Aside from local exhibitors, there were booths dedicated to our regional neighbors’ fare (Malaysian, Taiwanese, Korean et al) as well.

I enjoyed most the “food art” samples. This is too cute!

From one of the entries that the girls judged. It was a food styling contest so they didn’t have to use actual cooked food. Bizarre but awesome. Can you tell that the white stuff is actually just toothpaste?
A series of intimate dining arrangements inspired by different places in the Philippines.

Sea-food. Hehe.
It was a feast both for the tummy AND the eyes. It’s more of an event for gastro-insiders than for plain old’ hungry foodies such as I, but I did learn (and taste) a lot.
Afterwards I raced across EDSA to get to UP!

And still arrived too early for my class. Camwhore it was before everyone else trickled in! 🙂
I’m going to Tagaytay today with my Mom! 🙂 Despite this weird rain, yes.

Asprey’s Bloggers’ Night

Recently Manila’s leading watchstrap brand Asprey threw in a party at Scarlet Lounge, the Fort and treated fashion industry’s young bloggers for a night of fun! Attendees were requested to bring in their old watches and trade their aged straps with new and fresher styles.
Stylish attendees also participated in our online popularity game. Guests took their photos and uploaded it in Asprey’s facebook fan page. 6 Photos with the most number of like were awarded with Watches from Ltime Studio and a set of watchstraps from Asprey.
Asprey’s brand ambassadors were also introduced that night: Bloggers David Guison of GD Manila, Lissa Kahayon of, College Jock and Model Victor Pring, Myx Vjs Joyce and Mike Advincula.  

I regret missing this event, but I had to rush home early that afternoon. Asprey still sent over some pictures, sure looked like a fun night. I’m excited about the straps I’ll be getting. I have some watches at home that do need new life after all. 🙂 If you do, you can check out their new designs, and spot how the ambassadors and other fashionphiles sport them on Asprey’s facebook page: CLICK HERE.