Seek and you will find…

Seek and you will find…

... an unplanned work trip to Siquijor.


Next Level Godzilla shirt, SM leather shorts, Kara Zapatos flats, Forever21 tan leather bagThe Godzilla shirt was a cool hand-me-down from an editor... decided to pair it with some weekend-appropriate details in matching hues. Worn for a "miracle" afternoon of coffee and shopping which happened even though we were on our last $$$... and we [...]

Shadows settle in the place that you left

F21 pulloverMy last post in this blog was three months ago, because three months ago, I decided on a whim to apply for a full-time job at Rappler. And then I got hired. ^_^And I've been thinking, writing about different things.That happened in tandem with a full course load for my grad class so things [...]

Back Stories

A basic piece that becomes a thing of interest because of its posterior tie-up detail. To add to the XXX amount of black in my closet of old but singular stuff.Thrifted Club Monaco Dress

A Short Cut

Ukay cardigan from 2006 | SM top | thrifted pants | Zara shoesA different / familiar pace this week. Oh, and new hair! 🙂 Not even gonna deny that it's all Anne Hathaway inspired.

December Weddings: Details, I

Pardon the hasty generalization but it seems that people around me are getting married left and right. Our college batch had its 3rd union just last week, but before that was this - the union of two people I love from work, JayR and Val. I adored their pink-and-black motif, and that everyone from Solar [...]

Cat Eared Cold Nip

Forever 21 jacket, my favorite oxygen dress, Forever 21 tights, Zara loafers.Switched up my shoes and jacket for shopping in the night market.Photos by Jake Bacud2nd Day in Hong Kong. Day to Night by way of Jacket and shoes. My hair stayed curly because there was no humidity to zap it back into lame tameness. [...]

Black Forest / DQ Fashion Challenge Video

Half-sheer top and half-shiny pants from SM (I didn't realize, I just crammed these things into my bag when I slept over at Rhea's for work cos they were the least wrinkle-prone things I own) | Michael Antonio wedges | Ancient read beanie from Baguio (I think(=)Actually wore this the whole day for a racket [...]

De Rigeur, Noir

Top Cotton on | Bandage skirt Orange and Violet | Loafers Zara | Gifted necklace from SG (orange)Missed the accessory detail when I took my full-body shot at home. Black is the de rigeur producer's uniform but I try to be more dressed up than a t-shirt, just to display more effort especially when we're [...]

A Subtle Rock and Roll Persuasion

Thrifted lace top | Forever 21 jacket | Orange and Violet bandage skirt | Centropelle boots | OS Accessories bone necklaceThe (photoshop) force was obviously very strong on this one... that's a Chagall I just blasphemized for the photo's backgrounds.Wore this to a music-themed presscon, so, felt the need to do a little rocker-inspired dressing. [...]