Manila Biennale 2018 | Snapshots

Manila Biennale 2018 | Snapshots

Scenes from a Saturday spent with friends, history, and creative commentary.


Revisiting Pinto Art Gallery

I'm back from my pseudo-break!

Snapshots: Art Fair Philippines 2016

My favorite works from this year's Art Fair run

Reboot | Faux 2x Exposures

Random snaps of recent walks that really have no meaning. So some composition that makes even less of that.In any case, I have to seriously get over myself and my dilemmas. And start thinking clearly and facing the morning and being more ADULT and what have you. Yup. Cause it's clearly affecting everything. Need a [...]

Visiting The National Art Gallery

The National Musuem, ManilaA few days shy of the New Year I thought I'd fulfill a long-unticked item from my bucket list, which is to visit this building that houses some of my country's national art treasures. I have always known that Juan Luna's Spoliarium is big, but I was still surprised at how magnanimous [...]

Golden Hands / 70s Fashion Drawings

I wish I could say I could draw like this, but I don't. This page ^ is from one of my grandma's old books on knitting and dressmaking. I was able to pore over them again this weekend when we stayed with our relatives for Undas Holiday.When we were younger my sister and I loved looking [...]

HALSEMA AX(i)S ART PROJECT – Kawayan de Guia

The AX (i)S exhibition at Mo_space is a post-mortem exhibition and documentation of last year's AX (i)S festival, which aimed to represent contemporary norms of living in the North, and push for the growth of independent artist communities in the Cordillera region. For the Fort space, the big tent made of ukay-ukay clothes has been [...]

What Traffic?

10-15-11:Back at Some Kind of Wonderful. It's now some sort of default for delicious food and idle time. Meet Ica and Caren - kulasas turned elbizens just like me. Moonleaf is now in Marikina! Which is a simultaneously good and bad thing (good for my heart and soul and general happiness, bad for my intentions to [...]

Vargas Revisited

On exhibit were Hongkong Intervention (the risk-laden photo series done by various OFW's, collected by Sun Yuan and Peng Yu) and Address by the Aquilizans (a larger version of their previous box-molded installations). After submitting my reg requirements. This is it! I'm going back to school for my Masters. :)****The Yabang Pinoy Giveaway is still open! 🙂 Click on [...]

RESET/PLAY by Jason Moss

10/08/2011:Jason Moss brings hyper-reality color and strokes to film grabs of pale-toned films from the 20s to the 60s - although sadly the film references are lost on my 23 year old, pop culture-laden self. So I was able to appreciate the built-in criticisms and observations more - a more self-aware set if I've ever [...]