Friday Roundup

Good morning! (or good-whateverpartoftheday-as you are reading this!) Aren't you happy it's Friday? I think as school-going and working humans we become hardwired to be cheerful when Fridays come around. It signifies a break from taxing work or acads. So go ahead, recuperate, reflect, and recharge over the weekend. What are your plans? Please share! 😀 [...]

check your feelings

Some of my real-life favorites: a thrifted quilt-type blazer (which reminds me that I need a nice black one soon) and the Pill peeptoes that Ranie gave me on my last birthday + basics. This is actually an archived outfit from August. I like how the silhouettes are traditional, but the print/color pattern make them [...]


Ok, I just haad to add texture to today's outfit shots too (taken by R and post-processed by yours truly) :)PM meeting at Makati. The usual: loose chambray (mom's), tights - perked up with some dots of color on my ears, neck, and feel. Let's pretend I'm channeling Marc Jacobs F/W 2011, but in smaller, [...]


Somber weather (both in the world and in my heart) dressing since the month started. Learning quite a few lessons and resolving to be more conscientious, more sensible, more diligent... just more. Meanwhile, I must make the most of my time so I don't go off shooting in an unpredictable direction and messing up all [...]

Packing Light

*this is a queued postA smallish, light bag which my Mom has had for over a year but she never really uses... and as goes usual with her unused stuff they usually find their way to a certain corner of my room and eventually become beaten to death by yours truly. Enjoying its Wang-like looks [...]

It Takes Work To Be Worth It

A rushed rendition for tonight! For a change, my drawings instead of my fez.Before I got into the preoccupation of doing "outfit posts," blogging was really a very impulsive thing for me. Typical scenario goes as such: I have a window of free time, I plop down in front of the computer, and type away [...]

Wanna Be Like Midas

Welcome to Farmville! (kidding. that's the calamansi tree in our backyard. New photo spot @ home! commune with nature ang drama. hehe) I'm at home, I blog boring-ly. When something blog-worthy happens, I have no photos or time. Sad tragedy of my life. Must remedy that soon. Anyway... recent shots of a very old outfit!Maxi [...]

Point and Shoot

Spent a little hour last Sunday reorganizing my accessories (YAY!) and taking pictures of, well, the stuff I reorganized. 🙂

mirror photo

SM scarfOxygen loose tanksalvage jeans

Hello Summer Shoes

zebra print cardigan from GHdept. store tank and shortsthrifted leather purseforever 21 wedges (hello summer shoe!)Hello, grainy shots @ the stairwell! Quite surprised that today, R didn't have any negative reactions when I wore my shorts with high shoes. Usually he doesn't approve/finds it skanky.