Wrist Candy: Tendence

Cotton on baro | Elise leggings | Hailey and Five bangles (overusing!) | Divi necklace | Mango bag | DMs from HKPhotos by Renan RamirezSo I wore a sweater and some crazy tights to the Tendence launch a few weeks back...And right after that I made and posted this video about the Tendence launch...And after [...]

Skulls and Bones

OS necklace and metal skull finds from Divi way back in 2010

Sweet Afternoon

A&F Shirt, My sister's skirt, Flywear Sunnies, Rubi Sandals, Parisian Duffel, Forever 21 Beetle RingEspecially when I'm in the mood: donuts > everything else. People have been known to woo me with a couple (or a box...) because I'm easy to please like that. I thought it was the same ones I had in Melaka [...]

Low Boot

A surprisingly on-trend turnout from Janylin 2 months ago. It's beating up wonderfully.

Coordinated Accessories

Bag from Greenhills, bracelet from an African vendor in KL. You'd almost miss the coordination (I was dressed in a plain top and jeans), but that's sort of the point 🙂

Little Things

Some of the little treasures I took home from last week: A malaysian fashion magazine, a little mask, a flute, and a little drum from Melaka (for my trinket-loving brothers), a bracelet and elephant door charm from Ranie, and lovely shoes from Rubi | Cotton On in the mall beside the Esplanade. Not here: the [...]

Acquisitive Lisztomania

Better late than never! I've been putting off creating a post like this because most of the items on my "real" wishlist (i.e. the things I'm praying for) might a) bore you out, b) turn you off c) are too private for a so-called kalandian blog. But a wishlist post is in order! 🙂 So [...]

The last skull

I got this skull necklace with a bunch of other macabre-inspired things December of last year. It's a survivor - I've lost my favorite snake metal bracelet and the other things (I think the ring's here somewhere...). Bringing it out now again because I miss how weirdly conversation-inducing they were. If only I had OS [...]

from my bag.

My bag's a mess. Before I attempt some sorting through the mess (bag room and psyche-wise) this weekend: big new notebook from a goodie bag at work (which I'm planning to use for notes next sem), a metal fringe necklace from Justine, given last year but which I'm only bringing out now, random things I'm [...]

For What It’s Worth

I'm keen on updating my sidebar links, so if you would be so kind to leave a comment + your blog I'll include you! 🙂 I want to get to to know more bloggers.Shirt and skirt from bazaars | Ilocos handwoven scarf from and handmade wood necklace from Ranie | bag from Zamboanga | Parisian [...]