My experience with menstrual cups

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I’ve been planning to write this post for several months now, but it’s only now that I’m getting to it because a) I wanted to overcome my learning curve, and b) I have been really busy*.

Anyway— this post is about my experience so far with menstrual cups! I’ve been using them for five months now, and am currently on the 4th/lastish day of my current cycle. I’m so thrilled because I finally had a completely pad-free and leak-free cycle. I’ll discuss about how I got to that point more, later on.

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La Vie En Rose – Ukulele Cover

In lieu of text. So far January has been busy.  And filled with tissues and antibiotics and copious awkward coughing situations during meetings and presentations.

Still. I’m thankful that despite the rush, the overwhelmedness, the “WTF am I doing” moments, I am still alive, I get five-minute pauses, I get to fight for time to spend time with my family.

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Me, 2018

Today, in the hill behind Ranie’s childhood home

28 December

I usually write my yearenders in my bedroom, the morning after I send the last of my work-related deliverables, and all that’s left for me for the remaining days of the current year is to sit back, eat all the food my stomach can possibly hold, and spend some time by myself reflecting on the past 12 months. Continue reading “Me, 2018”

Nature’s Healing Home, La Union

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Closed November and welcomed December in one of our favorite towns – La Union, the North’s surfing capital. But boards and waves weren’t on our agenda on this trip – instead, we enjoyed a little respite and learned some new things at Nature’s Healing Home, a meditation, yoga, and healing center found in a sprawling mountainside property in Bacsil. Continue reading “Nature’s Healing Home, La Union”

Tiong Bahru, Singapore


Tiong Bahru – a housing estate in Bukit Merah, developed in the 1920s. Still standing here are a couple of blocks of Art Deco, Streamline Moderne-style complexes that remind me of retro airport buildings. There is also a long row of hip cafes and bakeries here where you can enjoy everything from Thai to Western to French. But if you like something more local, simply cross the street and have your pick from numerous stalls at the sprawling Tiong Bahru Market (which supposedly has a couple of Michelin Bib Gourmand stalls under its roof). Continue reading “Tiong Bahru, Singapore”

Back in Singapore, October 2018

Casa Garcia ❤
I’ve been to the Lion City several times for work or transits, and while I’ve always enjoyed my visits and soaked up as much as I can, I’ve never really done the tourist circuit properly.  Continue reading “Back in Singapore, October 2018”

September 2018

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Remembering how we started

I just binged Good Morning Call, a live-action J Drama chronicling a campus love story. As a result I am feeling nostalgic. Continue reading “Remembering how we started”

Life, August 2018

Pink Sky

August… This month always comes with a lot of thoughts and looking back. Typically it’s the “quiet” month after the half-year mark and right before the holiday season, which in turn has traditionally been crazy, work and traffic-wise. Can’t say I’m looking forward to it honestly.

This year though August is a month of shifts. Like, big shifts. Huge. Talking about career-defining shifts, life-defining shifts, body-defining shifts. I’m writing this now before I change my mind. It’s always proven valuable, for me, to be recording this somehow. I used to do it all for myself, and maybe a few friends. I’ve been returning to paper for two years now, though honestly it’s a lot of garbage and anxiety-reduction exercises. These days I do not know what I do it for anymore. But one thing sticks: my future self always thanks my past self for trying to aid my ever-paltry memory. Even if it is a known fact that all memory fails. Continue reading “Life, August 2018”

Taiwan: Zhongshe Flower Market in Houli District, Taichung

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One of my favorite memories from our Taiwan trip last month was our visit to Zhongshe Flower Market in Taichung’s Houli District. Continue reading “Taiwan: Zhongshe Flower Market in Houli District, Taichung”