On Pregnancy “Glow”

In person and on social media comments, I get multiple remarks that I am “glowing.” Or, people assumed I am carrying a girl — mostly because there is a Filipino belief that women carrying girls tend to look better than those carrying boys :-/

I feel flattered and happy when I get these remarks ‘cos the reality is I feel like sh*t 24/7. I’m constipated, bloated, and always just feeling something here and there. I’m already at my 25th week and so far, I haven’t been one of those women who “enjoy” or “feel so good” about their gestation.


I feel like a con when people tell me I look good pregnant. ‘Cos most of them are seeing photos that are a part of a 10-30 selfie series and where I’ve edited the lighting, grain, and color to be as flattering as possible. When I go out, I’m still always wearing moisturizer, concealer, and grooming my brows (doctor hasn’t said I can’t). Admittedly, I put more effort into looking presentable because, as I’ve said, I feel like shit.

And sans makeup or technology truth is I look it, too. My moles / dark spots darkened, I have some bloating, my skin, weirdly, bec. very dry. IDK if it’s pregnancy or aging in general (I’m 31) but I started noticing these symptoms more since I started carrying.

I’m not trying to fool anyone, I just want to feel good, and if I think I look good then I feel good. I do admit that I’m wearing makeup when people compliment my looks. Haha.

I’d like to try to go out without the cosmetic crutches and see if people say the same thing. But I probably won’t as I’m still too vain like that. Also, I’ll probably be including mascara and a lip/cheek pot in my go bag for the hospital.

Oh, the things I worry about instead of, you know, getting ready for the baby. We’ll get there.

So here’s me w/o makeup, just so it’s recorded. Some semblance of transparency. Hehehe.

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