My 2019 Reading List

Here are the books I was able to finish and start in 2019.

Save for My Hero Academia (I’m obsessed with the anime), I read women writers exclusively. It’s a semi-conscious decision — I just enjoy reading about female POVs and narratives more.

My list is noticeably shorter compared to previous years (the year after I got my Kindle I think I blazed through one book on an almost weekly basis). It’s not for lack of trying but I was definitely busier this year. And the side effect of marrying a binger like Ranie is I’ve gotten hooked on some streaming shows too, so some nights (and weekends!) I stay up watching instead of reading.

Recommendations are marked with an asterisk.

Circe, Madeline Miller*
Hollywood’s Eve, Lili Anoulik
Ayesha At Last, Uzma Jalamuddin
The Murmur of Bees, Sofia Segovia*
Magic For Liars, Sarah Gailey
Gingerbread, Helen Oyeyemi
Give Me Your Hand, Megan Abbott
The Testaments, Margaret Atwood
Come Home To Me, Marisa De Los Santos
The Starless Sea, Erin Morgensten
The Daily Face, AnneMarie Tendler

Yes You Need Space, Yani Bautista
Unaccustomed Earth, Jumpa Lahiri*
Boku No Hero, Kohei Horikoshi (only got to about Chapter 200 in the Manga huhu)
Her Body And Other Parties, Carmen Maria Machado
What To Expect The First Year, Heidi Murkoff

Some notes:

  • I think Hollywood’s Eve is my favorite book this year (nonfic! *pats self*).  It definitely wasn’t impartial. Anolik was almost Hunter S. Thompson-esque as she narrated her journey towards uncovering the layers of Eve Babitz’ life and loves.  I love the combination of stanning + journalism that Anolik did to paint a portrait of her heroine as the real revolutionary writer of her time (vs Didion lol).
  • I was so excited for Gingerbread, Starless Sea, and The Testaments as they were written by my favorite authors. But Gingerbread and Starless Sea, with its multiple timelines and POVs, kind of left me feeling confused rather than immersed. IDK if I was reading them in v. different circumstances compared to when I first read these storytellers.
  • Magic For Liars surprised me! I’d recommend it to someone who loved Harry Potter but, upon rereading it as an adult, couldn’t quite enjoy it as much anymore.
  • I still cant finish Her Body. Some stories were a little too violent / painful for my taste, though I love the speculative / sci-fi formats and this is exactly the type of thing I was going for with my undergraduate thesis hahaha.

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