Japan, December 2019 (and an attempt at a 2020 opener)

Happy New Year! It’s 2020 and this blog is still alive, in spite and despite everything. Hahahaha!

I skipped the year-end essay this year. Certainly there were a lot of things to write about, but I was just in a very different place, mentally and physically. I guess that’s what having a growing baby inside of you does. 🙂 I’ve been naturally more preoccupied with the present and dealing with the daily small yet urgent needs of prioritizing food and medicine and shots and trying to keep my sugar levels normal (I have gestational diabetes), lots of family-related errands, and yeah, work. Some work.

Also I spent 80% of December traveling / away from home: Japan, then Singapore and KL (again), then Bicol to Ranie’s hometown for Christmas. So it hasn’t exactly been a “reflective” season for me. I do miss the quiet feel of spending Christmas / New Year holidays looking back at the past 12 months, but it was nice getting to create so many new memories with Ranie, our little bug, and our families, too.

It’s day 2 of a new decade and I’m finally reluctantly trying to ease back to reality. Writing a post has always been my trigger to be in professional mode again. Plus I want to get this travel update out of the way so I can catch up / write / record about the actual main thing of my life right now which is being almost 7 months pregnant!

I’ve already shared extensively about our December trip to the land of the Rising Sun on my social media accounts. This year I started doing digital vertical scrapbooks optimized for IG stories and FB scrolling. Majority of my thoughts / highlights about Japan are there already… so I guess I’ll just embed that here for now 🙂

Where we packed as much sightseeing into 7 days as we can (and can afford :D)Who knew that I'd finally get to visit…

Posted by Waketime Stories on Sunday, December 8, 2019

That said, I don’t know know why I still want to repost some large-format photos here, given that no-one visits here anymore hehe. But I still consider this my main online repository and I want a reckoning. Perhaps I’ll do a post / long list about what my experience has been like, traveling extensively on my 2nd trimester.

I like having a plan and knowing what to do next but I think this season, I have to accept that facing big changes will come with a lot of surprise elements and “play it by ear” and “one step at a time” (no matter how much planning I can do). So yeah, that’s what I’ve been dealing with.

I think I spent the past decade (my entire 20s basically) doing everything I sought out to do and achieving what I’ve wanted to achieve. So I’m thankful.

I do still have hopes and wishes. Front and center: I want to be more prepared for the future. To be completely honest, I (and Ranie) suck at managing our finances for all the things we do/buy/accomplish. It has never been more glaringly obvious than now, with a baby due in around 10-12 weeks (I’m pretty sure I won’t deliver later than 38 weeks given my GD). I hope we manage, and pay off all the debts w/o a hitch.

Career-wise… It’s been a crazy year, but let’s see! Where I am now is very unorthodox, very rewarding, very flexible and I think super perfect for my impending motherhood. But the call of more is impossible to resist. Let’s see where I end up! Hopefully I can have a concrete update for my future self in a couple of weeks. ❤ I’ll leave it at that.

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