We’re expecting

We are baking a little one! S/he is already 16 weeks old and already changing our lives in so many small and enormous ways.

I had a classic first trimester experience featuring all the symptoms: nausea, smell aversion, inability to eat… I was on bed rest for a month too. But now things are a little more stable and am getting some of my energy and most of my appetite back.

I slowed down, work-wise. Doctor’s orders, plus the way I actually felt, plus my colleagues from my two agencies have basically been like “sit back and stop moving so much.” I have been very obedient 🙂 I’m thankful that they’re so supportive and accommodating.

To be completely honest, my mind is a mess. I can’t even say I am categorically excited at this point because I have so many worries and questions! I got pregnant at a weird time when I’m basically transitioning between two households, which compounded by hormones became more challenging than it should be.

Plus my body has been going through so many changes (the inability to eat or enjoy food can be super traumatic and actually depressing I now realize) that all I am thinking about is how to just keep myself feeling OK – for mine and the baby’s sake.

When my sister was pregnant/a new mom, I asked her how she kept herself going. She said, “One day at a time.” Right now that’s making so much sense.

As for Ranie, I think the gravity of how a baby will change our life hasn’t sunk in (to be fair, it hasn’t for me either lol). I think he’ll be awesome at the actual fatherhood part though.

So that’s it for my life update for now.

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