Batu Caves, Selangor, May 2019


Thrilled to be back in Batu Caves after seven years! It’s a common stopover for those visiting Kuala Lumpur as it is just 30 minutes away by train (from Central Station, take the local train to Batu Caves station). To get to the caves one takes a long, steep flight of stairs. The big yellow statue of Lord Muruga is actually the largest in Malaysia and one of the largest Muruga renders in the world. I did not know all of these things in 2012, or simply did not know then that one must Google to better appreciate a destination. Hehe.


So much has changed. The steps and the pillars of the temples are now more colorful – perhaps to draw tourists who love taking photos for the ‘gram (as one does). The temple at the entrance is also much bigger than I remember.


The cave itself still rendered me dumbstruck / feeling very spiritual.


Wearing a kumkum dot for blessing. For some reason, this made Ranie’s former colleagues assume that I was Indian!


This was our very first stop when I visited Ranie all those years ago. Being back here brought back so many memories!


And now… life update paragraphs, unrelated to the above! I just wanna remember / spew this out of my system. 

  1. Throughout this trip, one of the constant thoughts at the back of my head was “would we still be able to do these things once we have kids?” The prospect of starting a family, at this point, terrifies me more than excites me. I’m worried if we’ll come through, yet I don’t want to deprive Ranie (and myself) of the possible joy. It is a shame that our bodies force this very important decision to have a deadline!
  2. The winds are bringing me to a very familiar yet at the same time very different place, career-wise. It feels natural to take the leap, but I’m also filled with fear that things will simply revert to what they were a year ago and I’d end up feeling miserable / overspent once again. I kind of like where I am right now, in terms of freedom. But now there is an opportunity to be more that seems really too good to pass up. Do I embrace the challenge again? I’m inclined to choose for my current self, but I know I need to choose for my future self, right?
  3. Perhaps I need to see the above as a means to tide us through in the next few years. Family health, investments = these have increased our monthly overhead triplefold. I could use the financial bump.
  4. We have our keys. Finally… so excited to start planning out the space!!!

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