Nature’s Healing Home, La Union

2018-12-02 07.14.14 1

Closed November and welcomed December in one of our favorite towns – La Union, the North’s surfing capital. But boards and waves weren’t on our agenda on this trip – instead, we enjoyed a little respite and learned some new things at Nature’s Healing Home, a meditation, yoga, and healing center found in a sprawling mountainside property in Bacsil.

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Its owner, Ms. Precy Segundo, is a certified yoga teacher who trained in the US and decided to come back home and manage the place two years ago.

We only stayed overnight here, but the effect of the clean air + great views + clean food + gardens instantly worked its magic on calming and relaxing our city-tired brains and souls. Yesterday we woke up at sunrise for a yoga session w/ Shei Manson, an astrologer + musician from Australia who recently completed a yoga training course in India. With her encouragement I and Ranie even got to do headstands (walled) for the first time! I haven’t done proper yoga in months and was stiff as a board but overall it felt so good to spend a good hour on opening up and pushing our bodies.

I loved our experience here, it is a very accessible and different kind of escape. I think it would be great if the place also devoted more effort to empowering / supporting the surrounding communities + its staff, aside from its guests and international facilitators.

We did spend a few hours in San Juan and although being at the sea again was fun, I’m really not feeling La Union’s new crowded vibe. That said of course, I know that I shouldn’t begrudge the town’s gentrification as it is an opportunity for the locals to prosper (maybe?).

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