Back in Singapore, October 2018

Casa Garcia ❤
I’ve been to the Lion City several times for work or transits, and while I’ve always enjoyed my visits and soaked up as much as I can, I’ve never really done the tourist circuit properly. 
Haji Lane (+ Bugis) is always a stopover must!
A couple of weeks ago, I got to finally do so — and with almost my whole family in tow no less! We had quite a fun long weekend, and most importantly, we got to reunite a bit with my little brother and our longtime Ate, who are now both based there. Klook was once again a godsend for this trip (not sponsored! Haha). By booking online we saved time and money for our tickets to Gardens By The Bay, ArtScience Museum, and Universal Studios Singapore! It was fun seeing the latest additions to Singapore’s hyper-modern skyline and getting to eat ALL the yummy food at the hawker centers. It was my first time to visit the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest inside the Gardens. I could almost imagine the Cloud Forest becoming a database for fauna once Earth falls to Global Warming. It was beautiful and educational, but also a little sad that we’d choose to “visit” and “see” nature in curated, man-made conditions when we could be enjoying them up close in actual mountains and forests. Awareness and all that, sure, but still.
It was also my first time on the OCBC Skyway that links the OG Supertrees… and I have to say, that experience made me realize that I do have a fear of heights (this, despite scaling several mountains… tsk)! My hands were clammy and I couldn’t stand up properly on that pesky, flimsy-looking wire bridge. At Universal Studios, I super enjoyed the Transformers and Mummy rides (though the print out photo would make it seem otherwise with my closed eyes and ready-to-puke expression lol) I chickened out at the Battlestar Galatica + got tired of the 40+ minute-long waiting time in between rides, but overall it was fun. I’d love to do it again!

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