My Wedding Look

R x K-144Got married to the love of my life last week! After 10 years of being together, it was long overdue (hehe) but the timing also makes sense… we’re at that point in our lives when we are thinking of making big leaps and sealing our union on paper seemed like a good move. Now comes the hard (and fun) part — actually starting out as a family unit!

Now I want to talk about my look 🙂

R x K-36

My bridal shoes were from Hue Manila. I actually got them just days before our wedding! Haha. I didn’t think of shoes until the lastest minute, and already had another pair sorted out, but when I saw this one, I knew it was the one and ordered it right away. Fortunately it arrived just in time!

R x K-42R x K-64R x K-67

My make up was by Kist Ong-Tantuan. I’ve known her since college/theater days, and she’s pretty in demand in our Elbi circle for special events ❤ We had a trial way back in January and she gave me invaluable tips (which I dutifully followed) so that my skin would look as best as it could on the big day. I didn’t even have a brief — and I loved the light look she did, which highlighted my eyes and gave definition / angles to my face.

True story: I completely overlooked accessories! I just wore my mom’s pearl earrings and my engagement ring. Our hair stylist Mhaki Maginang saved the day with the brilliant idea of putting fresh flowers in my hair, with assistance from my sister and bridesmaid Ahlee.

R x K-81R x K-88

My gown was off the rack from Jorella’s Fashion Gallery. After only a couple of fittings from several boutiques, I found this dress back in October, and after sleeping on it for a week, I took it home with me (that’s the thing with RTW, you can’t think about it too long or else someone else might get it). My Pinterest board was full of very simple, wide skirt styles so I never thought I’d choose a mermaid dress, but when I tried it on (and, lbh, when I saw the price tag for less than P8k — seriously!!!), I decided it was the one! I felt beautiful in it, and many guests couldn’t believe it was RTW. It was very me after all, to “find” the perfect dress at the perfect, believe-it-or-not price.

R x K-132

Honestly, we did not do a lot “planning” for the wedding save for sticking to our budget (more like blowing it), focusing on our looks and who to invite. We entrusted the day to a lot of good friends and loved ones who blew us away with the skill and generosity. I will share more about this in my next post, if only to honor them and extend the happy post-celebration feels a little bit more. 🙂


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