Incubus in Manila, February 2018


Every time Incubus would come to Manila, the circumstances were never ideal. Finally last night the stars aligned, and I saw them live for the very first time in my life! I had such a great time with Ranie, Franco, and Val at Araneta last night.

Morning View is one of my favorite records of all time. It was the 2nd CD I ever bought in high school. I would listen to everything from Nice To Know You to Aquaeous Transmission at 4 am while reviewing for periodical exams (that’s the story of how I became a morning person). When I started working, my musical taste leaned a little more into the pop and indie-rock/funk/etc spectrum because of all the plugs I needed to score. Spotify has now basically rendered having any sort of preference moot, honestly, but deep down I still love my nu-metal and pop-rock. Anyway… listening to songs from their latest album 8, live, made me realize what a forlorn album it is… frankly it didn’t excite me that much, so I haven’t been looping it, but man, last night, it was all about the mid-2000s era too, so my 13-year-old fangirl heart was very happy.

We were in upper box seats but we jumped and head banged as wildly as the floor people (well I did)… God, I need to go to more concerts to unleash like that. It felt so, so good. Thank you for coming back, Incubus.

Processed with VSCO with l2 preset

About this look: wore this last night to Incubus’ concert! It’s like their 4th or 5th time here, but I’ve never caught them live until now — even though I’ve loved them since 2001 when I was 13. A lifetime ago. Typically one would wear black and jeans to a rock concert, but I wanted to look more polished and grown up, because let’s face it, no one in last night’s crowd was probably younger than 25 (I think). This would’ve been an office look if not for my beaten, still-so-good Chucks… I love clean, androgynous silhouettes (come to think of it Brandon does wear a lot of shirts / suits in their earlier videos…).

A look that mixes the old and new… probably the best way to deal with random nostalgia on a weekend.

Processed with VSCO with 5 preset

Also, believe it or not, this is our first concert together. In our 10 years as a couple. 2018 — a year of many milestones for us 🙂 Including THE BIG ONE. Hay! So many things to still do and organize. I’m not chill — I’m frozen in panic. But this will happen one way or another. Askdjflsjlkdjg!!!

I just missed life-update blogging, so there. Nostalgia, told you. 🙂


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