Revisiting Pinto Art Gallery

pinto-deux-090117-22 pinto-deux-090117-17 pinto-deux-090117-25 pinto-deux-090117-21 pinto-deux-090117-14 pinto-deux-090117-5

Sometimes you forget that it’s not just about the peak. It’s ok to take your time. It’s ok to think of quitting. It’s ok to rest.

Then you keep moving.

I took a long break from work – two weeks, to be exact. Along with that I also stepped back from being perennially present online. Naturally, I have nothing to show for it – I didn’t really go anywhere, I just stayed at home and spent long amounts of time enjoying doing “nothing.” I practiced on the piano and guitar, I journaled, I slept, I visited my nephew. It was fantastic. Now I feel recharged for whatever should come next…

Yesterday, I finally went “live” again and because it was Eid’l Adha holiday we went to Pinto Art Gallery in Antipolo. Even with the perennial crowds of students taking selfies using the paintings as backdrops (I used to do this too, sadface), I enjoyed revisiting the sprawling property and the now-familiar pieces from local artists such as Daniel Dela Cruz or Marina Cruz, along with pieces I missed during my first visit (such as the hidden forest by Antonio Leano). My personal favorite is still the wing with all the indigenous pieces and textiles – it is my dream to own a clean, well-lit house surrounded by a garden, filled with embroidery, antique wooden furniture, and lots of books in true #jungalowstyle fashion.

All photos taken with a Huawei P10! View my photos from my first visit here.

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