Capones Island, Zambales



These are our photos from Capones Island, a side trip from our weekend in Zambales.

Breaking up sharing about this getaway into separate posts because I love all our pictures so much and it was so hard to curate! It figures that the smaller the party is, the more photos there are, in our case (or more specifically, in my case. #Blessed to have a patient partner when it comes to posterity lol).

Ranie booked this tour package a few months ago. Php1000 (excluding food) is enough for island hopping and camping in Nagsasa Cove. The last time I was in Zambales was in 2011, with my colleagues from Solar. That trip was significant because it gave me enough thinking time (amidst sea, sand, sky…) to decide to leave my first job.

Now, six years later, am back with Ranie, with no life crossroads (just some major plans!). We just wanted some time together, away from cellphones and laptops.

It rained on the day of our arrival, and the included accommodations in the package left much to be desired. Fortunately, the sprawling, quiet beauty of Nagsasa Cove made up for the gloomy skies + dank tent we had to sleep in + unmentionable toilets. The overcast weather was actually cozy and we had more than enough time to hike, walk, rest, eat, swim, sleep, and take pictures. Lots of pictures.

I love our pictures, because they remind me of how easy it is to be with Ranie, and how much we value and enjoy each other’s company, even if we would have disagreements about whether he should climb a tree hanging by a cliff or I would forget his neck pillow in the van. ❤

More to follow!

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