04/09/17 – Summer Greens


Back-dating a series of photos taken by Justine’s beau, Daniel, during our godson Liam’s 7th birthday party in Tomas Morato.  We were making fun of ourselves by copying the “foliage shots” bloggers are doing in resorts or beaches whilst we were stuck in the city… but I have to admit I kind of like how these turned out.

If you’re new here and you’re wondering where these vain sequences are coming from – I used to blog heavily about fashion and “style” (although all I had were thrifted outfits really) from 2008 to 2012. I ran an exclusive blog for that until I grew out of it… and because honestly, it was so exhausting (and financially draining) to worry about posting outfit photos all the time.

But these past weeks I’ve been finding myself kind of being conscious again about how I look… maybe it’s an inspired streak because I’m trying to be more responsible about what I eat because I want to shed some weight, maybe it’s because it’s so hot that I’m wearing stuff in my closet I haven’t worn in a while… maybe I’m just looking for something I can control to focus on, while real life and adult stuff are spinning around me way too fast for my liking some days. Yeah.

These will do, until May when I have back-to-back adventures lined up again! ❤

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