Me, 2016


In lieu of a long text post of a photo re-compilation (as I’ve previously done), I thought I’d try my hand at making a simple infographic of the stats and things that made up my year. It was pretty easy to do this in on (You’d think that being in content marketing, I’d know that infographics are sooo 2014 and I should be doing social videos instead! We’ll get to that, we will).


This, of course is just a very cursory glance at some facets of my year.

We lost our Lola Lits, and until now I’m not used to the idea, more so my mom and her siblings. Lola was really gone too soon and there where so many what ifs and “sana’s,” but we’re doing our best to keep remembering all the positive things that she brought into our lives instead of dwelling on the fact that she’s gone.

But we also gained two new members in the family: Ahlee’s husband Third (they just had a very beautiful wedding this week), and my super-cute nephew Fourth. The baby is one of the best things to happen to my year (last year, he was my biggest worry LOL). I can’t wait to spend more of 2017 playing with him and watching him grow. It was a joy to watch my sister grow and be independent and embrace motherhood with such instinctive skill, that I couldn’t help but wonder, will I be as good at it when my time comes? I’m kind of afraid honestly.

It was not a very smooth 9th year with Ranie. We had our happy moments, including that weekend in Bantayan Island, but there were also quite a lot of fights over little things. I don’t know why I’ve become such a petty girlfriend. Impatient and frustrated, too. Things get resolved in the end (Ranie is very patient and willing to go through everything), but I don’t keep it a secret that I want us so badly to move on to planning the “next stage.” Soon.

In between these highlights, my emotional seesaw, all the killings, uncertainty about our country’s political and economic stability, and the fact that I gained 10 pounds solidly, 2016 wasn’t a great year for me.

So I’m packing up this year as a season of learning and understanding; a necessary bridge of sense and maturity to be ready for whatever come’s next. I just have a gut feel that 2017 will be much better. I’m sure many people feel the same way.

I know that things won’t magically get better and wishes won’t fall into my lap, but at least now I have a better perspective of what I’m capable of, what I need to change about my mindset, and what I need to focus on more: gratitude. Attaining calm. Improving my craft. Being more forgiving of others and myself.

Enough of the worry about things that don’t end up happening. Enough excuses for not doing things like finishing my thesis (this is still a debate), taking better care of my body, saving more money.

So yeah, let’s get this 2016 over and done with. 🙂

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