The Wholesome Table’s latest menu offerings

I like The Wholesome Table because they serve food that is fresh, healthy, preservative-free, and sourced locally as much as possible. It goes without saying that everything is delicious – especially their all-day breakfasts in the Legazpi branch. (I wrote about their then-new pastries and superfood bibingka last year here.)

Did you know that there’s a TWT in Estancia Mall? That’s also where Rappler’s headquarters is located! 🙂

They’ve just added some items to their ever-growing menu, with the intent of catering to the hustlin’ yuppies that make up the Capitol Commons lunch crowd. According to Nadine Tan, who invited me over for lunch, these items will also roll out to the other branches soon.

SOLO-SIZED SALADS. Their crisp salad bowls, like this chicken dukkah, now come in smaller servings, but still hefty enough to be shared by 2-3 people as a sider
NEW PIZZA FLAVORS. I forgot what this is called exactly, but it has chicken curry and is very tasty
This light pizza has mushrooms and walnuts – so good.
NEW RICE BOWLS TOO. If only TWT could come up with a grab-and-go version of these super filling meals. This is the Beef Bibimbap Bowl. Look at that glorious egg!
BEEF GYUDON. Other new rice bowls are the Chicken Yakitori w/ Crispy Chicken Skin (!) and the Pork Carnitas.

So why all the new meat dishes? The Wholesome Table has never labeled itself as a vegetarian or organic restaurant, but it has always aimed to educate people about healthy eating. Owner Bianca Elizalde says that while TWT’s menu will always stay closely aligned with her personal preferences – balanced, nutritious, fresh, and made with premium ingredients – she also wants to be able to cater to diners who have diverse tastes, and who simply crave something hearty.

For those who live or work in the Pasig/Ortigas area, TWT Estancia has good news: they’ll be introducing reward cards so you can avail of exclusive discounts or freebies in your succeeding visits. Happy eating!

One thought on “The Wholesome Table’s latest menu offerings

  1. Seeing those rice bowls made me realize two things:

    1. I Am Kim just closed down on the other side of the mall, and I missed out on it. 😦
    2. There’s another reason for me to frequent Estancia Mall (aside from CoCo Ichibanya!) XD


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