Tinipak River and Pililla Windmills, April 2016

Daraitan-April-2016-27Tinipak River is usually a side trip item for hikers headed to Mt. Daraitan in Rizal/Quezon. But it’s also a solid destination on its own, especially for a big group of first-time trekkers like ours was. Last weekend, I, my brother, and our respective SOs tagged along my Mama’s lakwatsa with her friends from work. 

The journey itself will take no more than 30 minutes but that’s if you can resist the urge to climb the big limestones and pose for pictures on top of the best-looking rocks (which was pretty much every 100m or so). Campers get several sites where can they pitch their tents.

The river is mint green and calm. At its “end” is a pool with deep parts good enough for diving, tiny rushing waterfalls, and a small cave where icy water rushed forth, cooling our sunburned legs and arms.

If you’re planning to head here anytime this summer, especially on a weekend, expect droves of casual tourists that will hold up certain parts of the trail (especially the rickety ladder made of branches that leads to the rock pool and caves). Because of the long queue, we skipped the cave tour, but if you would be able to arrive early (ideal ETA from the Barangay jump off is around 5am), you should not miss it. Don’t forget to bring your own headlamps and flashlights.

Just before going home, we also caught the sunset at the Pililla Wind Farm.

Detailed itineraries are easy to find elsewhere.

All photos are taken with a Samsung Note 5 and post-processed using Lightroom.

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