imageYesterday was Ranie’s birthday and he received the perfect gift (not directly from me unfortunately) – promos on point-redeemed flights!!! ✈✈✈

Using my Getgo/Citi rewards points, we were able to book 2 round trip tickets to Kota Kinabalu for free – taxes and fees all in. I will write more about this process next time! I still couldn’t believe those rewards / loyalty programs work after all (you just need to be creative and patient when finding the right flights).

That’s also lined up for my appreciation post!

So we are finally traveling together again after a 3 year drought.

I am soooo excited! (We still need parental permission though #12yearoldloljk also we are good adult children)

Image source

Hopefully by September we are both a) finishing our thesis b) richer c) he/we are moving in 🙂

ANG GALING TALAGA NI GOD. He knows when the perfect timing for things are. He always knows how to grant blessings and trials at the right crossroads so that we always remember that everything comes and is for Him.

Like, we have been thinking about redeeming those points pero last night lang namin naisip/nagawa. We were only planning to seek a local trip dahil I knew the points weren’t enough for overseas trips. Pero biglang there was a huge promo pala for Getgo members over the weekend. So even better!

Ranie’s patience also deserves an award. Initially I was very frustrated with the slow site and the apparent add-on taxes and fees and didn’t want to proceed with hunting any flights anymore. But he was more persistent (and good with spotting details) than pessimistic me (again this deal is very good with patience and creativity).

I am so excited. Ang dami pang dapat problemahin and ayusin in life (haha) but at least I am affirmed again that things will find a way of righting themselves. 🙂


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