Me, 2015


I don’t distinctly remember my outlook at the start of 2015. I think I did not have an outlook at all. Or if I had one, it wasn’t very excited, hopeful, or optimistic frankly.

The year before – 2014 – was simply very steady. I entered my 2nd year in Rappler. I finished my grad school units. I reached the 6th-year mark with Ranie. Everything was fine.

So my prognosis for 2015? I supposed everything was gonna continue being fine. And if things looked up, I thought, maybe I could get a ticket to somewhere out of the country.


Looking back, now, as is requisite over the Holiday break, ‘fine’ seems to be a major understatement. 

Now we’re two days away from 2016 – I’ll get around to talking about this later. It will be a big, scary year. But lesson number one: I need to stop using words like ‘scary.’

Now I want to mull over the past 12 months. 2015 was crazy. But in a very, very good way.

The first half of my year was pretty calm. At work, I was OK. I received an affirmation (i.e. salary bump), which I was thankful for. I didn’t mind staying put, and I enjoyed writing. I loved my teammates. I felt productive, necessary, thankful, and purposeful.

Mid-April, I quit teaching part-time in CSB, but not without a little heartbreak. I enjoyed teaching, and the paradigm shifts kept me sane. But it was too taxing, even if I was just teaching a couple of classes. Midterms and finals would be crazy. I couldn’t devote myself 100% to it, and I felt that the students did not deserve that, especially since the classes I’m handling are part of a thesis track.

The summer was hot and long, and it went by too fast. But I was able to squeeze in a couple of adventures with my high school and college friends. Calaguas and Boracay were our destinations this year.

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Then, mid-year, milestone after milestone happened. I didn’t have time to pause or breathe, and appreciate these things as they were happening – I failed to realize that these were actual long-standing things on my bucket list. And then some.

I presented a paper on ‘Feminist Camp’ in my first film conference.

At 27, I had a proper birthday celebration for the first time (i.e. a party).

Mia and I attended and covered our first AdTech in Singapore, for Rappler.

The Brandrap team mounted The Move Awards from scratch.


I TRAVELED TO NEPAL. I hiked through mountains for the first time. I saw Mt. Everest!

I passed my thesis defense.

Ranie and I celebrated our 8th year together.

There’s our house. And then, there’s our future house (I’ll keep this cryptic for now). 🙂

I climbed my first mountain and monolith in the Philippines – Pico De Loro.

I declared myself a Weekend Warrior, and fought laziness to spend fun hours in rooftop bars, gigs, houses, and endless videoke sessions. It was all worth it.

I bought a Kindle, a bike, my own domain (this!), and for the first time, a nice phone. I did not regret these, especially the Kindle. I read everyday now.

Ranie and I fought often, but this year, we discovered so much more about ourselves. I’m less worried about longevity now than I was a couple of years ago.

I wrote, what I think, were my best work on Rappler, so far. Here are my favorite stories this year:

All I wanted in 2015 was to chill out and have more capacity to have fun. Which was very small-minded!

Because chilling and having fun were things that would’ve happened anyway.

God’s providence is amazing. He humbled me by granting me more than I thought I could/should ask for. I was too worried to fail and so I just wanted to “chill.” I was too proud. I shouldn’t have been so stressed.

Even the big surprises in our family aren’t actually sad things. They’re things to look forward to in 2016.

So. New job title, bring it on.

Thesis completion and graduation by June (!), BRING IT ON.

Mortgage AND downpayment, bring it on.

Life, bring it on.

I’m now ready and excited and willing and able. 🙂

Here’s to conquering more heights!

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