Higantes Festival, Angono


We visited Angono, Rizal, which is known as the Arts Capital of the Philippines. “Naki-fiesta” with Ranie’s officemate for the Feast of San Clemente/Higantes Festival. San Clemente’s feast day is actually tomorrow, but since it falls on a Monday this year, the parades started today.

Traditionally, the higantes (papier mache effigies) represented affluent landlords, prominent families, or notable industries in Angono. These days, the higantes are SM and Aldub Characters. Go figure! 🙂

We also visited the home/studio of national artist Botong Francisco (where we also met his grandson). The entire street where Francisco’s house sits in is lined with Charlie Anorico’s concrete murals, which, in turn, are tributes to Botong’s most famous work. This block is also where we found the home of Lucio San Pedro, who composed the beautiful lullaby Sa Ugoy ng Duyan with Levi Celerio. Check out the photo gallery below!

All photos by me and Ranie Catimbang

P.S. Thank you Cathy, Lloyd, and Sinagtala for welcoming us into your beautiful home and feeding us delicious food the whole afternoon! 🙂


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