Postcards From The Sky


ALMOST KISSING THE HEAVENS. Photo by Adrian Portugal

Still gathering my thoughts for the longer pieces I have to write. But I need to buckle down and get the words rolling out ASAP. Because it was a work trip after all. 🙂

But I’m still enjoying looking and looking at the pictures (and resting). Also, still down with “Khumbu cough.”

Will get to it tomorrow. In the meantime, posting the paragraphs I came up with on Facebook:



NEWFOUND FRIENDS. See you on the trail

Just last week I was a girl who has never ran more than 5k, never done a day hike, never gone trekking, and never climbed a single peak. This week I got to do all of that in exponentials – 3 days of non stop hiking, up and down mountain trails, reaching up to 3800masl in sometimes single digit celsius weather.

Everyone (including myself!) was skeptical and apprehensive!

Fortunately, Porch and I got our editors’ blessing (and loooong list of bilins) and on we went with the warmest, funniest, wisest, and most inspiring group. Sad to be parting ways with them and missing the rest of the expedition (as if and also I have a story deadline haha), but now I am a girl who is looking forward to seeing you all again on the trail soon! Super grateful for this opportunity.


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