15 Thoughts since I started reading on a Kindle Voyage

I bought a Kindle recently. That’s what’s been up. I haven’t been growing or saving up and I’m still spending scarily huge amounts of money but – tadaaaaaaaa – I’ve been diving back into serious reading and getting better mornings and stuff because of it again. Reading long-form is helping my mind ease off short-form, photo heavy social media thinking and my thoughts are also easing back into self-aware, longish-form stuff if that makes sense.

Paperwhite vs. Voyage

1. It’s. so. beautiful. and. sleek.

2. I saved about P6k by asking my kind colleague to bring it home for me. But for just an extra P1k I could’ve gotten an iPad mini instead.

3. But how beautiful is the e-Ink. And how much lighter is this than an iPad. And I’m focusing on reading now.

4. *Adds 200+ books from current library.*

5. You mean I can now just *download* anything I want to read?

6. *Reads 5 books in 2 weeks*

7. *Feels better about long shuttle queue after work*

8. *Gets 20 more books*

9. Wait a minute this is too easy. Too fun.

10. I’m now questioning the payoff principle. By giving on to this, I cut out the entire segment of pleasure from the tactile act of reading – the page-turning, the spine-clasping, the paper-smelling, the physical heft of discovering something between lines of text. “Downloading freely” takes away the whole reward-earning payoff segment too. The whole thing is now pure information acquisition. I mull over whether I will consider this progress, or sacrilege to an act that I like more than writing or watching anything, an act that I freely consider as both work and passion.

11. *Highlights all the Didion quotables and marvels at how, now, they’re all organized and filed away and accessible anytime*

12. *Enjoys chapter-surfing: Austen, Didion, that Archie #1 comic. Reads so much much more at a better and more meaningful pace since 2015 started. Journal entries are also starting to improve and sound much more normal*

13. *Inserts worry about birth control here for good slippage measure to emphasize that my brain is thinking of a bajillion things at the same time*

14. I feel guilty about having so much to read at so little cost! So I proceeded to order a book legitimately just to check out if that feels right… book was Alexa Chung’s It.

15. … After reading It, I come to the realization that overall, I don’t mind the convenience, I don’t mind being able to read more anywhere and anytime and right before I fall asleep, I don’t mind not wasting money on things like Alexa Chung’s It ever again. So I reach this new internal resolution. I’ll read everything on my new Kindle, and proceed to actually buy and keep in my library actual copies of the ones I will fall in love with.


POST: Reading was all I ever did growing up when I wasn’t at school. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I love reading more than writing. I love fiction. I love YA but I’m actually also growing out of it. I prefer reading a book to watching a movie (even if Film is my MA major!).


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