I’m 27!


Yesterday, I turned 27. And so I officially enter my late twenties.

Oddly there are no songs about turning 27. It’s supposed to be past the epiphany and enlightenment stage and right before the stability stage (or ay least its beginning) – in short, mostly I should already have a pretty solid idea re: what I want in life, and I should more or less be on the way there.

I can’t say that I don’t know what I want! I know where I want to be –  finished MA, writing stories, discovering the delicate balance of doing the things I love and the things that earn well while having time for travel and practicing songs on the guitar and piano. I know what I should have at this point – a car, paying mortgage off my own place, actual matrimony plans with the man I’ve known and been with for more than 7 years.

However, I don’t know how I get there. It’s so easy to figure out where you want to go but finding the means to fulfill them isn’t clear. You know where to get the means, how to set a deadline and stuff but making the actual resources (i.e. saving enough) is so hard!  (Wow on the financial advice lingo).

So yes – a lot of uncertainty and doubt but I’m not complaining. If anything, my only wish upon myself for now is that I stop looking around me and start focusing on what I do have as means – and making them work:

1. Job/s – Love working at Rappler. Work to warrant a raise again (haha) and win an award again.
2. School –  Finish my MA next year w/c means studying for the compre this week aghh why am I not doing it
3. Savings –  Don’t be discouraged, focus on taking baby steps and building a small habit instead of massive spend/save vicious cycles that do not really earn.
4. Ranie – be more patient.
5. Faith and self – just be more thankful and positive and calm the way I used to be.

Anyway, in terms of celebration, this year was a relative success! I finally pulled off the long-time dream of spending most of the erstwhile birthday week with people I love. It’s a happy feeling. 🙂


To end this reflection (written entirely on mu phone!): I’m too young and too there to be jaded and to give up. I just need to be more masipag and to find the drive to just go and go. 🙂


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