Packing A Floppy Hat In Your Backpack

Please just LOL disgustedly at me if you’ve always done this. I regretted not bringing my hat to my last trip, and here I am again going away for a “beach” shoot (!) so I think I really need a hat for this one. So here is how to pack a floppy hat in your high-zebra-print backpack:
1. Flip your hat over.
2. Fill the crown with your bathing suits / underthings / the little soft stuff you’d pack. This will keep the hat’s crown in shape.
3. Flip your hat back up and slide it into your backpack, brim side down. 
4. Pack under and around the hat as usual to keep the brim in shape.
HATS ARE IMPORTANT! SPF! Kthanksbye. Hope this helped you!

2 thoughts on “Packing A Floppy Hat In Your Backpack

  1. ^Joyce: Haha that's what I usually do! But I had a laptop bag to bring along too and I usually leave behind stuff I don't put in my backpack T_T. So this! Hehe.


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