Bring ‘Em

This is an optimistic collection of appreciation for some simple things which I’m kinda glad exist, because they give purpose to summer. Or is their only purpose summer-ness? Anyway, “optimistic” because you know, I think I just had my one and only beach trip for the entire stretch of hot-sun season, and – well, am I always this bipolar (zen one post, skeptical but using the word “optimistic” in another).
Anyway, my take on a “summer must-haves” tag. Just in case you didn’t know you needed SPF. 🙂
Sandals – they’re “sandals” on the tag, but honestly they’re flipflops with straps that kinda got drunk and decided to grow appendages that wrap around your ankles. And so I love them. Also, they’re rubber and thus favorable for pounding concrete, hopping on over sand, or dipping in any cold stream. And they stay put! So, ten points.
Summer Dresses – two very similar-looking ones, what came over me? Actually: the fact that I have nil proper “throw on and don’t care” dresses and so these. I can’t do big flowers so they were perfect. And they may still fit lest I expand (oooh fighting this). Cannot stress the difference of a swingy skirt vs. jeans on a sweltering outdoor sort of day. Throw on a cardigan when it’s an office meeting and there’s dry airconditioning. Summer dresses are functional. Do no resist them.

Bathing suits. What I do: get them in solid complimentary colors and just do mix and match. Voila, it somehow always looks like you have more than 3 functional sets. 🙂

Earrings, the big kind. I miss wearing them. These are from Ai. I used to be a BIG big earrings girl then IDK what happened. I think white shirts and black coordinates (somehow never went with any of my earrings anymore *sad*). Aforementioned dresses are now the only things that look good with earrings. So better take advantage.

SPF. A different one for the face. The higher, the better. As often as possible. That’s all you need to be reminded of, for the nth time.

I just discovered (sorry) the delights of having a waterproof camera and in the age of Facebook and Instagram-driven needs, I’d say we need this. Cause you know, everyone needs to see the corals and what your face looks like with bubbles emerging from your mouth. No really, they do.
So that’s it. What’s on your santan bush, er, list? 😀

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